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Pretty And Fabulous
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Sultry Silver Smoky Eyes

After a sultry dressed Halloween evening, I felt as though I should include a little touch of the same look into my day this morning. Nothing too out there, just a subtle hint through some dramatic eyes in my makeup.

And so I played with my make up to do a classic look with a silver glow. A nice touch of eyeliner to elongate the eyes and really make them pop combined with the classic smoky eye make up- only with more of a silver presence to make the look all the more dramatic and glamorous.

My lashes are pretty long to begin with naturally, but when you add the Le 2 Mascara from Guerlain it maximizes the volume and length like nothing else (I love it).

It is more about the silver faded into the hint of dark gray that collects at the ends of the eyes- one side with a fine eyeliner and the other with the rich smoky finish.

The finished look is simple but quite bold- a little can go a long way. It doesn't take long to do but the results last the entire day and feel flawless. This is a fun look to do and a great way to get excited about the day.

I did mine with silver and gray colors- however if you're looking for even more, go for the gold. Use a nice bronze or gold and mix it into a darker shade of brown- definitely rich and glamorous as well. Even a dark purple could prove to be royal and luxurious.

Play around and make it your own, simple is key as a little goes a long way. Its the details that count.

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