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Monday, September 29, 2008

Glamorous Curls Twist Into A Fashionable Updo

So now that my hair is filled with all these magnificent curls, I thought I would have a bit more fun with it. Also, sometimes I don't want to be drowning in my own hair, and an updo can be quite refreshing as well as glamorous.

So here I have swept my hair into a classic french twist, slightly more to one side so it is just a bit off center, and allowed the curls to just fall as they desired.

I touched up the curls and made some more defining, and also pinned a couple wherever I saw fit.

Its a bit messy but I kind of like that about curls, they are allowed to be. Its natural and playful. I love the way they move as you walk too- with just the right kind of bounce. Its fun.

I like the contrast of this style- one side is completely smooth and controlled, the other is full of volume and massive curls.

If you wanted to, you could mix some of the curls on the other side as well, blend the two together. It is quite simple to do either way you like.

Here's to more fun and style. Much love!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lifestyle Luxury From An At Home Income & Someone Dear To Me

An answer to the old... "So what do you *do* anyway" question. What I do has more to do with why we do anything- to achieve the luxury of a certain lifestyle.

"A luxurious lifestyle" and "the comforts of home," we may say the phrase casually but it does hold a meaning to us all. We all yearn for it and after all is said in done there is nothing as luxurious as having all the time you wish to spend in your very own little place. It is all about having your own quality time.

I don't think I have formally introduced him so here he is, someone very dear to me and someone who has allowed me to live this lifestyle that I cherish.

He is my fiance, Timothy Black. Together through his experiences and knowledge we are able to live the lifestyle that we do. Oh, and by the way, neither of us work. And in case you are wondering, there was no inheritance or trust fund or anything of that sort involved! We don't have any bosses, or schedules, or meetings.. we pretty much do whatever we want to each day, it's really great.

Sometimes I think I take it for granted and don't share enough about it to you, and I want to. Especially as it is something that is open to anyone who wants our lifestyle, too.

It doesn't matter how much you earn if you work until you are so tired you have no time to yourself. There are more important things in life and nothing should keep that away from you.

Enjoying a great dinner with friends, Timothy is on the right and I am in the braids.

So we travel, and shop (he has a great eye for style, I seem to have rubbed off on him nicely), and eat, and drink wine, and spend time with family and make great new friends along the way. He is great at what he has created for the brilliant thing is that it is all from home. He shows those who want to discover an income at home how to do it and do it well, too. He is a great coach- he taught me and I couldn't believe how easy it was, or how fun it could be especially when you are in control.

It brings me great new shoes, dresses, jewelry, spontaneous trips, and most importantly the time to do what I want when I want with the people I want.

It really rocks, lol.

For his birthday I took him skydiving in Lake Wales- what a great time. We were delayed a day though since there was a tornado warning or watch in effect- not something you want when you are jumping out of a plane! The next day was beautiful and I would do it again in an instant.

When I first met Timothy (over six years ago) and found out a bit about him, I also found out that he shouldn't be alive by the opinions of many doctors. Getting into a relationship, that isn't something you want to hear, let alone throwing him out of an airplane like this.

We've come a long way, and I wanted to share our story with you. I think it is important.

You can find out more about why he "shouldn't be alive" and then visit

And it is an amazing story, just take a look and see for yourself. You can also see how it is that we make a living at home and have the lifestyle that we do.

This is something I want available to you since it can improve your life no matter where you are.

Much Love and Best Regards,

Bombshell Beauty

Friday, September 26, 2008

Glamorous Waves And Curls

I have a lot of hair, as I have said many times before. I like to try all sorts of different techniques from my usual sleek straight look, playful to elegant updo styles, natural slight waves, to all out wild curls.

The all out giant waves and curls is nice from time to time- but definitely has its place and is used sparingly (as it can often be out of control).

On a more usual basis I like have my hair fall into curls at the end- smooth from the top and large waves at the bottom. Its a nice touch and tends to make the hair bounce as you walk. Just kind of makes you feel happy, too- it is a nice feeling when your hair moves just right.

I find it works best in my favor especially when the weather is wanting a battle- the mixture of smooth and curly waves isn't destroyed by a drizzle or soak of humidity as much as the straight and smooth or all around curly styles are.

So, ha weather, take a look at this.

I like to play with the volume, too. Like with clothes, hair can compliment the style, flow, and movement of your wardrobe. It is extra nice when it all comes together so lovely.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feather Fashion

Feathers and fashion, they can be a nice compliment to one another or an absolute mess. I think some well thought out and creatively placed feathers can come together lovely.

No one wants to look like they are wearing a chicken suit or are nesting birds in their hair, but again- a few subtle touches are beautiful and elegant.

I found this bracelet a while ago as part of a set. I loved the colors and softness on a bangle, and it would work well with most any outfit, especially those of browns and neutral shades.

Now, the set the shop had suggested with it would have been far too much for me. I think they were trying to hard to make it work- a chain link necklace draped in matching feathers, large earrings with the same.... yikes. Even those two pieces alone were enough to scream coo coo. But the bracelet was nice and simple- I think that is definitely key.

Most elegant and fashionable pieces are simple, which makes them so bold and beautiful. I am all for feathers- in small amounts and worn well.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Old Fashioned Glamour Awakens

Giorgio Armani defines classic elegance and beauty so wonderfully, and I am finding much inspiration from these looks and designs. It is very much old hollywood returned with a splash of fresh color and extra feminine softness.

The lines drop low and the fabric melts to the ground, looking as though it actually a part of the body itself. It just looks so lovely, and knowing Armani it definitely is. The photo here is from Francois Guillot, it realy captures the glamorous line well I think. Love the earings, too.

It reveals the feminine form beautifully and the colors are perfect. The hair is cute and i see what they are going for (great for the runway) but I don't know I would do it now. Maybe keep the side swept but still with medium to long hair to blend into. Still, cute but feels kind of messy or off.

This one I like much better, hair wise at least. It looks a little fuller and connects more around (not just all the hair on the side, but it connects around the back, too, more complete). I will have to play around with it and see what I can create.

Mmm, pretty fashion- I love it. I love to see more of it and it delights me to see it on the runway. Glamorous!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Barbecue Capital Of TEXAS Is Lockhart

This is the reason we drove 150 miles west out of Houston; Kreuz. It is worth it every time. We had sat around the house with no power or water for a day when we and the neighbors began talking of warm food and instantly we all agreed to drive to Kreuz before they closed for the night (which meant we had to leave right away if we wanted any chance).

We made it in record time and enjoyed the magical experience of what is Kreuz. The smell of the building when you walk in is like nothing else- Oh how I love it!

The rub is perfect and the rule of the house is "No Fork No Sauce."

It doesn't need it either. (Sauce is thought to hide the lack of quality in a meat). It just melts and falls apart lovely- especially the fatty brisket pieces. So yum. (Shhh, secretly, this place is my favorite)

(Less photos though, simply because the meat did not last in front of us- too delicious. We had limited timing too!)

So the next day (Sunday, and Kreuz is not open) we visit Smitty'S, the rivalry of Kreuz. When it all began they were both Kreuz, and then a man by the name of Smitty's joined the family in business. After the passing of the father, the children argued and eventually one kept the Kreuz name to a new building while the other kept the original building and called it Smitty'S.

Three of the number one barbecue best are all located very near each other, two being in Lockhart and the third being in Lulling (only minutes away really).

All three use the same technique of having a fire with the smoke traveling a slight distance to the meat- it requires much patience and attention and so very few continue this style of barbecue but the results go extremely far. It is well worth it.

Next, finally, is Monday's visit to Lulling's City Market. I cannot recall the name at the moment, but the editor or one of the writers for Gourmet Magazine named this their favorite meal ever (stating even though you would think it would be something fancy and expensive, the meat was so true and divine nothing has been better).

It comes very close to Kreuz in my opinion, VERY close. In fact I absolutely love them all. Just look at it in its divine beauty- oh so perfect. Yum!

This is barbecue done to perfection and with love. It is always the same people you see working at these places, too. I love that. They know and truly love what they do and do it extremely well.

They have been doing this for years and years, and it shows. Even the cash register has soaked in the smoke throughout the years, lol. What a lovely place to be.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beautiful & Bold Betsey Shoes

Let's talk about shoes, shall we. In my little spontaneous trip two of my purchases were Betsey Johnson Shoes.

There is no mistaking that bright pink box anywhere, or her shoes for that matter. They have a habit of standing out in their designs.

This is my new fun favorite little toy, the print is so bold and vibrant and the heel is simply devilish. Such a sultry little shoe- I love it.

It has just a subtle little peep toe opening in the front too, which gives it a unique little character.

A simple black dress certainly goes much further with this shoe. Little is necessary or otherwise it will compete. It is quite loud on its own (people have stopped me on the streets since I purchased them)!

Okay, now for the other pair- from red and black to black and white. Here we go.

This one is definitely younger in style and playful more than elegant. I love the black vinyl strap that wraps across the top- I think it is absolutely adorable!

Dots, little buckle, straps, open toe, and a high heel- how much fun is that? It's precious and bold all together. What a delightful design!

Alright, more later. Much love and beautiful shoes, xx

Friday, September 19, 2008

Beauty Is Back And Loves Armani

Alright, I am hurricane Ike'd out (city is a disaster though everyone is definitely working together to get things back up and running- endless large trees scattering the streets and homes and many without power or water).

It is time for some cheering up and for me, that means food and fashion. Let's start with a little look of fashion.

In my previous posts I mentioned I took off for some relaxation in a hotel some 150 miles away from the disaster of the city. We did some beautiful shopping and I couldn't help but fall into this gorgeous Georgio Armani dress.

I love Georgio Armani- what isn't there to love of such beautiful designs? The fabric simply melts and falls perfectly into place, it is quite simply like heaven.

And this dress, too, melts and flows off the skin just like heaven. The color is gorgeous (I love lavender/lilac shades, so soft yet so bold and elegant). Ah, heavenly!

I am starting to feel refreshed already, wow. Much more to come *hint*hint* especially shoes and delicious food ;)

ciao xx

Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Of Ike's Destruction And Survivors

Well the sun is shinning and the sky is once again blue in Houston. Power and water are returning in little pockets throughout the city which is lovely to see.

After the first day without any power or water, we and the neighbors decided to make a spontaneous trip to Lockhart TX for some bbq/warm food and perhaps a stay in a hotel if it was possible. Lockhart is about 150 miles away, and so I phoned the hotel and discovered they had only two rooms available- perfect! We ended up staying a couple of nights there and absolutely enjoyed ourselves.

Now, when we left we had two bags of ice from before the storm. One was in a cooler along with any meats and cheeses we had. The other I placed in the freezer to act as a second cooler for the meantime. I had placed some sodas in there as well- so they would be chilled for later and last longer.

Now, when I say spontaneous I mean we thought up the idea and acted on it within ten minutes- packing a very light and very quick overnight bag just in case. (It is a 2-2 1/2 hour drive and the restaurant would be closed in 3 hours, we had to act fast). So we acted quickly and things like the soda were left in the freezer (no electricity anyway at the time).

Well, upon returning home the power must have come on late last night for sure enough there was quite a mess, lol. Vodka survived just fine... luckily for me I usually only keep vodka and some dessert wine in my freezer (I know, I know- its me though). I can live with that being the only destruction in my house.

Now outside was a different story. There is some roof damage apparent, but I still am not sure of the severity. A lot of water did make it through in the hallways of our apartment complex (everything is indoors, much like the layout of a hotel).

Our fence is, well, gone for the most part. So are all of those in the buildings around us. Much tree damage to be seen just about everywhere in the city, though again things certainly could have been much worse and I am grateful they were not.

This is a view outside our balcony of the courtyard entry way, our trees lining the walkway have ben smoothed down by the storm. All our windows are in tact though I cannot say the same for much of downtown.

Phew, I am exhausted. Much cleaning and much traveling. I'll be posting again soon with some happier, yummier, prettier posts. Great food and three new gorgeous shoes were also a result of this storm for me, and you will be seeing them shortly. Until then, much love- xx Bombshell Beauty

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike Update And My Dissapearance

Well, no power or water as to be expected like much of the rest of the city. Our apartment building looks fine- definitely some roof damage though I don't know the severity yet, and some sort of minor gas leak at the entry. There are things to be done.

We took a spontanious road trip with our neighbors to Lockhart TX which is about 150 miles west of the city of Houston, for some amazing barbque and a couple of nights stay at a hotel (oh the pleasures of electricity and water!). Seems to have been a great choice for us and we are definitely enjoying ourselves.

I am writing from the hotel, will have a better update once I return home later tomorow and am able to upload my many pictures. I've spoken to most of my friends and family and everyone seems to be okay which is grand. Most everyone reports that they are well, just bored. Better than not, I am glad they are well.
Talk to you soon, many new gorgous fashion finds and stories to tell- its been quite the adventure!

xx, Bombshell Beauty

Friday, September 12, 2008

Not Looking So Pretty, Ike

Ick.iCK.IcK. So when I left Miami I am not so sure what I gained, lol. Oh well, at least I know the routine I suppose. I like where I am anyway.

Ike is huge, but at least it looks like it is moving quickly and will be over and done with fairly soon. Much water expected and *probably* no electricity for a bit. I'm prepared for it.

I remember Wilma in Miami (though we didn't get any recognition- its okay, we know how to take care of ourselves). No power for over three weeks, lovely. Didn't have gas either which meant cold showers for the most part.

The first day after the storm was fun- grilling steaks with the neighbors and neighboring restaurants, cool fresh weather, and an all around friendly attitude to help each other out. Great way to get things back in order.

It was the second week it started to get old, you know when you haven't had any produce, meat, or other non perishable item in days and the battery charge of your laptop and other items have run out.

By no means do I feel light about it- its dangerous and causes severe destruction. But how you handle it can be controlled. The photo above was in my neighborhood in Miami; there was this large tree in front of our home that came crashing down and just missed our car. You cannot see it in this photo (all you would see is leaves and branches anyway) but you can definitely get the feel and see smaller trees that also fell. Our home was down the street and on the other side of the road from this photo. There were cars on top of cars, gas station roofs peeled back like food cans, and downtown was nothing but glass. I have a whole new respect for my building!

Well here we go again. I'll let you know how this one goes. Much love and safety to those in Ike's path.

For The Love Of Chocolate & Beauty

Oh but I do love chocolate. One of my favorite to indulge in on a regular basis is the Ritter Sport chocolates. Yummy and so many flavors I cannot seem to find them all quickly enough.

I think they are fun, too- with so many styles and all packaged in a convenient size. You know the square wherever you go, it stands out. Dark is generally my preference when it comes to chocolate (like truffles and especially when powder and/or bits of cocoa nibs are involved). And second to that is anything involving hazelnut or hazelnut cream/liquor. Love it.

So for me my favorites to have on hand from them are the Praline and Dark Chocolate With Hazelnuts. So yum.

I must say their Alpine Milk Chocolate is quite wonderful too- so milky and creamy. Just the right decedent consistency that melts in our mouth.

A surprise for me was the cornflakes chocolate bar- it was like nothing I imagined at all and quite lovely! It really works. I was expecting it to be 'eh' or 'just okay' but was quite happily surprised. My fiance thinks so, too (as I have noticed that one tends to disappear rather quickly without any supervision). The marzipan seems to vanish rather quickly as well, but that one is rather classic and true to form. Also delicious.

Look at them, aren't they pretty? I am out to go enjoy some now, maybe cuddle up in bed to a movie or cartoon.

Next time you come across one I would certainly recommend picking up a bite for yourself as a lovely treat.