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Friday, September 26, 2008

Glamorous Waves And Curls

I have a lot of hair, as I have said many times before. I like to try all sorts of different techniques from my usual sleek straight look, playful to elegant updo styles, natural slight waves, to all out wild curls.

The all out giant waves and curls is nice from time to time- but definitely has its place and is used sparingly (as it can often be out of control).

On a more usual basis I like have my hair fall into curls at the end- smooth from the top and large waves at the bottom. Its a nice touch and tends to make the hair bounce as you walk. Just kind of makes you feel happy, too- it is a nice feeling when your hair moves just right.

I find it works best in my favor especially when the weather is wanting a battle- the mixture of smooth and curly waves isn't destroyed by a drizzle or soak of humidity as much as the straight and smooth or all around curly styles are.

So, ha weather, take a look at this.

I like to play with the volume, too. Like with clothes, hair can compliment the style, flow, and movement of your wardrobe. It is extra nice when it all comes together so lovely.

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