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Pretty And Fabulous
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beautiful & Bold Betsey Shoes

Let's talk about shoes, shall we. In my little spontaneous trip two of my purchases were Betsey Johnson Shoes.

There is no mistaking that bright pink box anywhere, or her shoes for that matter. They have a habit of standing out in their designs.

This is my new fun favorite little toy, the print is so bold and vibrant and the heel is simply devilish. Such a sultry little shoe- I love it.

It has just a subtle little peep toe opening in the front too, which gives it a unique little character.

A simple black dress certainly goes much further with this shoe. Little is necessary or otherwise it will compete. It is quite loud on its own (people have stopped me on the streets since I purchased them)!

Okay, now for the other pair- from red and black to black and white. Here we go.

This one is definitely younger in style and playful more than elegant. I love the black vinyl strap that wraps across the top- I think it is absolutely adorable!

Dots, little buckle, straps, open toe, and a high heel- how much fun is that? It's precious and bold all together. What a delightful design!

Alright, more later. Much love and beautiful shoes, xx

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