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Pretty And Fabulous
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Friday, October 31, 2008

Or Little Red Ridding Hood

A couple of days ago I was thinking Alice in Wonderland, but now its the night before Halloween and I am thinking maybe Little Red Ridding Hood. What do you think? Little bit more of a sexy style, that is for sure. Both are quite fun though.

Now, this year I am thinking of vamping it up a bit if I do wear it. The costume originally came with a a dress (pictured below) but I think I want to make it more my own this year by adding my corset with a little red skirt to match the hood. Keeping the gloves and hood of course, but changing the body of it.

Oddly enough the corset is more comfortable than the dress- just something is off about it to me. Its cute, but just the way it was made is lacking inside. I like my new way better.

So I need a verdict! Little Red Ridding hood or Alice in Wonderland? (view the post Haute Halloween to see that one). Let me know- it is tomorrow night!

Oh, and also- if on the little red, do you like the original style (with the white lace dress) or my new style (with the black corset).

Time is running out- I appreciate it! much love, xx

Haute Halloween In Wonderland

Halloween has come up rather quickly, and I have not explored the time into a new outfit for the occasion. So it seems I must venture into some of the costumes of the past. They're all so much fun, though- no use in letting them go to waste.

Of all my past costumes this one is my favorite- mostly because I made it on my own from scratch (with some loving assistance and touches from my mother which makes it an even greater memory).

It is my own little version of a Haute Alice In Wonderland. When I decided to make my own costume some years ago, I wanted it to be of Alice. I think it had the most opportunity and attraction for me. So I made it simple with some angled cuts in the skirt and tons and tons of lace. After all, why not? Its Halloween so why shouldn't it be glamorous! My kitty, Aveline, seen at the bottom makes for an even more complete costume.

When it comes to costumes I do love my fairy tales, its the child in me I think. Last year I was little red ridding hood- that was a fun little costume, too!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pretty And Haute Burberry Shoe

I stopped by Saks Fifth Avenue in the Galleria today to pick up some mascara as I am running low, and couldn't help but get a glimpse of this beauty.

How gorgeous is this shoe? I had to stop and admire its beauty, it is absolutely gorgeous. I was honestly surprised when I saw the name of the designer, too- not what I would first have expected from them.

BURBERRY is the designer of the shoe, and bravo. I have my eye on it- its just too pretty of a shoe to ignore. The heel, the color, the texture and design of the straps, the toe- gorgeous!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pretty In A Bow

Something I haven't done in ages- but used to always do and love, is wearing a ribbon around my waist and tying it into a bow for the absolutely adorable belt result.

I think it began as a child- you know how it was, turning the gift wrapping into accessories.. I loved the silky long ribbons people used to wrap their presents and would keep them to wear them as a belt (still do, lol). They come in such beautiful vibrant colors, too. It is just such a waste to throw them away.

This one is a more down to earth shade, very neutral. But when combined with a matching skirt of the same color- they come together in a delicate and feminine cute fashion. It is a look I love and feel comfortable in, its hard not to smile when you have a bow tied around your waist after all.

If you do not wish to use it as a belt- but still want to incorporate the ribbons into your fashion- they make a great accessory when tied into a bow on your purse, too! Very adorable and such a nice unique touch.

Here's to more great fashionable ideas and inspirations ;) much love.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pretty Peachy And A Beautiful Shoe

It has been rainy these past few days, but something different has come about it this time- a crisp coolness is now officially in the air. It feels slightly like winter- enough to be pleasant and comfortable.

This means I can bring out the wraps, furs, tights, and other fashionable items which have been patiently waiting in my closet.

I collect random cute accessories as I find them, and when it comes to winter accessories I tend to put them away until the season arrives- not thinking too much into my wardrobe just yet.

So now that it is cool and I am able to brings such items out, I was anxious to finally wear this cashmere and wool wrap with the little bunny fur balls. Cashmere, wool, a delicate pink peach color I love, and fur- the perfect combination for me of what I love in fashion! So when I took this out I remembered I had a skirt of the same color that would go perfectly with it- add lace and a bow in the same shade- fashion perfection.



I don't think I could have planned such a perfect match- I am quite pleased with the results.

I love how things work out that way! The look comes together as completely girly, classy, sophisticated, feminine and absolutely glamorous.

Now... about those shoes..

I do love a haute shoe, and I think these are gorgeous. Black and shiny with all the right curves- these are a classic fun shoe by Marciano from Guess. I couldn't resist but indulge in these.

They have the cute allure of a Mary Jane but all the glamor of a high heel. The little curve from beneath the toes which are rounded and gold buckle of the strap separate it from other black pumps, keeping it unique and interesting.

These shoes stand out from a distance and can really vamp an otherwise ordinary outfit. I am having lots of fun with them and am looking forward to incorporating them more into my wardrobe.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Silver, Sleek, Mirrored Elegance

One of my favorite dresses to wear that meets any occasion well is this silver sleek dress of an elegant design. From the flow of the beautiful material, the soft and subtle design and color, the delicate puff at the end of the sleeve, to the mirrored buttons placed in the center- I love everything there is about this dress.

I feel like royalty when I wear this dress, it is so comfortable and just looks absolutely lovely.

It may not be form fitted, but I still do find it very feminine- as you move it hugs just right where it needs to revealing hits of the feminine form all while retaining its classy and sophisticated elegance.

It has such a pleasant and subtle shine to it as well. It works wonders with the silver color- adding more to its regal nature.

Yes, I love this dress. More so, I love how I feel when I wear this dress- powerful, elegant, and beautiful.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Twisted And Angled Into A Bow Hair Fashion Style

It has been a while since I last styled my hair up and so this morning I was feeling inspired. I just started to play around a bit with my hair, originally considering a classy little side swept style, but then I did something different.

I started down low and off to the side- sectioning my hair off similar to how I normally would for the side swept up do. Only this time instead of clustering the twisted up buns on the same side together, I began to work my way up in a diagonal- not really on purpose at first it just kind of ended up in that direction.

Sometimes you just have to follow your hair to wherever it wishes to go to. As was the case here. I didn't know what to think at first but it began to grow on me and now I rather like it.

It is different and unique, but still very clean with that classic feel to it. The principles are not wild, but come together in a lovely modern manner.

Dressed up and finished with a bright and long red bow- I wrapped it around each mini-bun and tied the bow on top. So there is a low bun on one side and a high bun on the other (a cute bright bow peaking out). My hair is so dark that I wanted a contrast to make the design have more of a pop factor to it. I think a white ribbon would do the trick as well-but the red has such a nice richness to it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pretty Bracelet With A Creative Sparkle

This is a cute and fun little piece- one that stands out on its own. It is amazing how such a small little accessory can revamp the little black dress (or even any daytime outfit).

All the photos show different angles of the same bracelet; and that is what I love so much about this particular piece. It has so many different unique little designs on a very vibrant glitter background.

The colors pop with a strong contrast to reveal its own little personality- a very cute one at that.

I love that as you turn it the style completely changes, yet somehow they all come together so smoothly. One forever continuous piece of art. It makes me want to create something similar on my own- kind of like those Prada white canvas bags where you create your own design! Only, I don't think I would do it on a Prada (its just asking for a smear or slip of the hand mess up), but a blank canvas of my own is quite the possibility.

I think it would like nice in a scarf design too- something to look for and those are out there. The blended design where the style fades from complex to simple and back. I'll keep an eye out, that is for sure.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kaffee gute Nacht Makes For A Good Night

The only thing that makes this a "coffee" is the splash of coffee found somewhere within this drink- absolutely delicious by the way. Hardly coffee, though- all booze, wow and yum.

The drink is prepared table-side, and what a beautiful presentation it is. The owner created the beverage himself and presents it beautifully with care. He begins with an orange wedge to the outside of the glass, then proceeds to coat the glass in sugar. He has a flame prepared and then brushes the orange-sugar coated glass to the flame.

Next is the beverage itself- mostly whiskey, kahlua, and some sort of citrus liquor- added by spoon fulls that are lit by the flame- glowing with a flame during the entire preparation. He mixes it from glass to glass and tops it off with some cream- and a final spoon of the flame-lit liquor.

Somewhere in the mix he added some coffee- it was so beautifully orchestrated that I didn't pay enough attention to the actual coffee. To call it Kaffee gute Nacht or "coffee good night" is quite appropriate as afterwards it will be good night.

Rudi Lechner's German restaurant was an absolute delight, and even a more welcomed surprise to have the man himself prepare for us his beverage.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kobe Burger, Fois Gras, And Trufles, I Love You

Mmmmm.. so heavenly! One of my favorite things to indulge upon is a kobe burger topped off with fois gras and truffles!

Be still my heart- the look of it alone is beautiful. The photo above is from the Wall Street Burger Shoppe in New York, and it looks divine.

In Miami, I would always go to Prime 112 to satisfy my cravings (oh, also the fries are made in truffle oil). They also made my beloved Lychee Martinis there, what else would I need.

Actually, at Prime 112 they also have a Kobe hot dog, its a big one, too. Kinda awkward for some, haha. Its fun to watch the reaction when someone sees it for the first time. Definitely something to behold. If you go and want to simply enjoy a meal, I would recommend lunch time. Its much more pleasant if you aren't trying to do the whole "just to be seen" sort of thing. Gets overrated and crowded wherever you are under those circumstances. But I have always found lunch to be perfect there. (That or an extremely late dinner is nice too).

Nom Nom- Yum. Anyway, wherever you are I would recommend hunting one down, it is well worth it. If you travel make sure to indulge in one along the way.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bright Yellow Fashion, M ....?

I like the color yellow, from the soft pastels to the brilliant and bold brights. It is a pleasant color to play with. Good place to start.

Now, M? Me, mine... who knows what it is supposed to mean exactly but for me it could be a few things. Oddly enough a few of my nicknames start with an M. One of which is Madrid- people used to call me the "Spanish version of Paris" for quite some time and the name Madrid kept with me. Oddly enough my last name starts with an M, too- so perhaps there is another option, lol.

It never occurred to me until after I bought the top, about the letter M. I just thought it was a cute and comfortable top that could easily be matched with anything. I love the material and color, and the design of the M has a lovely feel to it.

Funny how things work out!

So what does M mean to you? Maybe its just marvelous ;)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fashion Layers Like An Anime Doll

I have never been one for layers, at least in this sense of the word. For me, layers usually means incorporating a scarf, shall, fur, or something sheer.

But this is something completely different, at least for me. It looked like fun and was different enough to catch my interest. Very anime sort of feel to it. I feel like an anime doll wearing it.

The nice thing is these are actually two separate pieces and not stitched together in any way. The white tank has a sort of skirt finish attached to it that I think could be really cute to pair with something else- maybe even a corset. Something tight and simple. I will have fun playing with that piece alone.

The gray loose fit top wears more like a sweater to me than a top- it goes well with the white but without it seems off. Definitely requires something under it.

Here is a close up of the bottom- you can see it has the sheer skirt that stands out. I will have to play with it, but I think a black tight top or corset would look nice with the detail like this beneath it.

Even how it comes, I am rather enjoying the outfit. Something definitely more casual and different, but still very cute.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Anchor Me Some Accessories Aweigh

Another beauty from my shopping incident the other day- I love it. This adorable little set looks like candy to me, it just pops with its bold cherry red color against the oh so bright white. It is perfect.

So darling and playful, I love it. Ready for a cruise or something of the sort, very inspiring. In the meantime they add character to any outfit.

They've put me in the mood for a cozy night with a movie- Anchors Aweigh in fact! Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra, what is there not to love? Jerry from Tom & Jerry even makes an appearance, as one of my favorite childhood cartoons it makes it even more cozy and lovable.

Bright, Blue, And Very Betsey

The other day my best friend was visiting from out of town to celebrate another friend's birthday. Three fashionable girls on a day out together, you can imagine what that means. Shopping, Luncheon (Dim Sum), Salon, and an exquisite birthday dinner.

Shopping was mostly for pleasure, but we did have a mission- there was that dinner we had to look forward to after all. And it being a birthday, we must dress the part. So the mission was to find a birthday/party dress for the occasion. Not just any, but something spontaneous and fun, something simply for us.

We stepped into Betsey Johnson- we were looking for a spontaneous party dress after all, and we found this insane little number. A giant ruffled collar (which can be worn up or down over and below the shoulders), an incredibly bright bold and shiny blue, a ribboned belt and an open back. Wow, this was something else- not only that, there was only one, it was in my size, and it was discounted over $265 off of the normal retail price.

For that kind of deal and chance to come across, how could I say no? It is all in the spirit of spontaneous and fashionable fun after all. I mean, this is a dress that orders the drink for you, ha ha.

Definitely a party dress. Yes.