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Friday, October 10, 2008

Jonathan Saunders Elegant Fashion

Surprise surprise, I am shopping at Target for the usual house items when I discover the name "Jonathan Saunders."

Well, I discovered the dress first, then put the style to the name. I adore sophisticated looks as much as I do playful ones, and when they intertwine all the more to love.

I think Target's description of him states it best:

"Scottish born designer Jonathan Saunders puts a nontraditional spin on the modern, constructed silhouette. He brings eye-popping color, a meticulous attention to construction and a playful sense of style to everyday sophistication. Saunders creates a look for GO International that's distinctly effortless and brilliantly avant-garde."

If you know me by now you know it is what I look for when it comes to modern style.

This dress- style, I love it. Moreover, I must say I love the way it moves than anything else. The low waist line flares out as you walk which is a lovely contrast from the straight and sleek style of the top portion. Classic with a modern twist- nice touch with the white popping pattern in the center.

Another dress I found from Jonathan Saunders is pictured here- it is classic, elegant, and beautiful in its simplicity. Its the little touches I like about this dress.

It is a black dress that hugs nicely to the feminine form, but the sleeves which are long and slim are somewhat sheer from the neck on.

It is so simple but so beautiful and elegant. An absolute classic, yet somehow modern with its sleek shape.

His name and style has certainly caught my attention and I am anxious to see what is to follow. Color was stated in his description from Target- I did not see many pieces while I was there, but I am eager and excited to see it.

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