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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Caipirinha: Cocktail Luxury Of Brazil

caipirinha's as seen from story from

I remember my first taste of a traditional caipirinha. Living in Miami, many of my friends were from Brazil and knew the drink well. I would see them drink it and it was only a matter of time before I began to indulge myself.

So what is a Caipirinha, anyway- besides a confusing to pronounce alcoholic beverage? A traditional one is quite simply:

muddled limes and sugar &..

2 oz cachaça

Cachaça is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane and is most known for its relation to Brazil. It is very much the alcohol of Brazil.

A restaurant by the name of Table8 in Miami (though originally from LA as seen from the photo above) offered a black cherry caipirinha- talk about deadly and delicious! Their twist of the drink involved muddled black cherries with cachaça. It definitely was a moment of: oh, how delicious, let me devour a couple and then discover upon my first attempt to move that the world will move around for me first. It is quite potent! so beware and take caution.

Gourmet offers a recipe for a passion fruit caipirinha, which calls for the traditional recipe with the addition of pure passion fruit juice. The drink is quite simple to start which allows itself very open to fruit inspired variations.

All are grand really, it is difficult to mess up. Oh how I do love my cocktails, and I must say I have been quite happy to see this beverage show up in more and more bars across the states. This is one to keep your eyes peeled for. Try it (in small doses to start perhaps, or at a slower pace if anything else) and enjoy its luxurious flavor.

Don't feel as though you have to wait for your bartenders to discover this for you first- they are simple to make at home provided you find the cachaça.

Make a traditional one and then make your own lavish concoction. Its really quite fun, invite some friends and make it an occasion to remember.

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