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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kaffee gute Nacht Makes For A Good Night

The only thing that makes this a "coffee" is the splash of coffee found somewhere within this drink- absolutely delicious by the way. Hardly coffee, though- all booze, wow and yum.

The drink is prepared table-side, and what a beautiful presentation it is. The owner created the beverage himself and presents it beautifully with care. He begins with an orange wedge to the outside of the glass, then proceeds to coat the glass in sugar. He has a flame prepared and then brushes the orange-sugar coated glass to the flame.

Next is the beverage itself- mostly whiskey, kahlua, and some sort of citrus liquor- added by spoon fulls that are lit by the flame- glowing with a flame during the entire preparation. He mixes it from glass to glass and tops it off with some cream- and a final spoon of the flame-lit liquor.

Somewhere in the mix he added some coffee- it was so beautifully orchestrated that I didn't pay enough attention to the actual coffee. To call it Kaffee gute Nacht or "coffee good night" is quite appropriate as afterwards it will be good night.

Rudi Lechner's German restaurant was an absolute delight, and even a more welcomed surprise to have the man himself prepare for us his beverage.

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