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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fashion Layers Like An Anime Doll

I have never been one for layers, at least in this sense of the word. For me, layers usually means incorporating a scarf, shall, fur, or something sheer.

But this is something completely different, at least for me. It looked like fun and was different enough to catch my interest. Very anime sort of feel to it. I feel like an anime doll wearing it.

The nice thing is these are actually two separate pieces and not stitched together in any way. The white tank has a sort of skirt finish attached to it that I think could be really cute to pair with something else- maybe even a corset. Something tight and simple. I will have fun playing with that piece alone.

The gray loose fit top wears more like a sweater to me than a top- it goes well with the white but without it seems off. Definitely requires something under it.

Here is a close up of the bottom- you can see it has the sheer skirt that stands out. I will have to play with it, but I think a black tight top or corset would look nice with the detail like this beneath it.

Even how it comes, I am rather enjoying the outfit. Something definitely more casual and different, but still very cute.

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