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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh How Kitties Grow Up So Quickly

So I am relaxing on the sofa and one of my kitties has to come up and join me. He is very much a snuggler, and something of a leaner. I don't know where he picked that up from.. he just likes to lean with all of his weight against you. I don't know if it is entirely comfortable or not, but he certainly likes to do it. Strange little kitty.

Well, not so little any more as you can see! This is Ulric; he is named Ulric because of all the kittens in the litter he was the one that would constantly cry "wolf", or meow wolf in this case. He can be a bit of a puppy at times, loves to play/devour his toys and enjoys car rides-even loves the flavored bone toys for puppies. I know, strange kitty.

Here he is as a kitten, you could totally eat him up, I know- he is sooo cute. He constantly wants to include himself as I am typing my posts, so I thought why not include him in a post of his very own. So I will show my kitty a little love.

I kept Ulric and his sister, who I have named Aveline, from this litter of kittens who were sadly left behind during a neighbor's move. All the other kittens were given to wonderful homes (including that of a Veterinarian, I know they are in great hands).

Aveline is something of a fashion kitty.. she loves to sleep in a hat box and inspect any purse or shoe she sets her eyes on. She's something of a flirt, too.. I think I'll introduce her in her own little post sometime in the near future. She definitely loves her accessories.

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