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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pike's Place, Fish In Hand

seattle view from planeWe are now in Seattle, spending some time on business and pleasure- truly a delight. Above is a gorgeous view from the plane; you can actually see snow blowing off the top of the mountain, too. Very pretty.

So, a visit to Seattle to me also means a must visit to Pike's Place! The oh so famous fish market is even greater in person- too delicious also- sooooo yummy, wow the size of some of those beauties.

teresa and tim pike's seattle

dsc08116Soooo, we are having an absolute great time here. They even let me go behind the counter- too cool. They are all very nice and you can tell they have fun doing what they do.

Here are some photos from Pike's Place ;) More to come, soon!




Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yellow Frilly Fashion Look

yellow frilly chic cute fashion

I love the delightful look and feel of a soft yellow- it is such a cheerful color and I do love to wear it. Add a little delicate texture and it is even greater.

I felt like being girlie and playful with a bit of cheer, and yellow always performs so well- so I matched up this fun frilly scarf with a simple yellow skirt of the same shade.

yellow chic fashion match

It is a subtle match but it does so much that way- for such a soft color it makes a bold and loud statement. It is impossible to not smile wearing it as well, which makes me love it even more.

yellow fashion glamour

The color itself is a very spring look, but when combined with the black I think it can pull of the winter look just fine- you are seeing more pastels come out as it is. I say if you love it and you are feeling it- then wear it. That is what counts after all.




Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Very Special Memory And Tribute

Jake The KittyHere he is, Mr. Jake- the sweetest sleep in your lap kitty I know, unless of course you happen to be one of my other kitties- in which case he is the cat that beats you up, lol.

This is my fiance's tough little guy, named Jake (brother to Elwood, also a fond and great memory). At the age of seventeen, upon meeting my two young cats, he promptly smacked them in the head letting them know who is indeed the boss. He loved to remind them every chance he got, the bully. But he loved it. He loved being in charge and then relaxing on our laps. What a character.

About a year ago we discovered a lump that we chose to have removed, it was quite the procedure and he recovered very well- in fact, so well that upon coming home the first day, cast/bandage and all, he smacked the kitties as good as ever. It is his favorite game, seriously a tough guy! But also the sweetest mellow guy.

This afternoon we had to put Mr Jake to sleep as the tumor has returned and has become incredibly large distracting to his quality of life; I think we did this just in time so never had to endure the hardships and damages of the tumor- it would get to terrible and I would never allow a creature to have to endure that. He is one lucky cat, his best buddy- my fiance, gave him an incredible life I am very proud of for both of them.

Mr Jake The Cat

So even though we had to say goodbye this afternoon, we are fortunate to have more wonderful memories and happy thoughts than having to ever had endure a kitty in deep pain (a kitty going in pain is something that should never have to happen). He is a lucky kitty and am sure he is more than anxious to thump more kitties than he can imagine- all in good fun of course. There will be a nice warm lap to keep him cozy as well. He's a good kitty.

He will never be forgotten either, he is still around in memory and that is a beautiful and happy thing :) Thank you, Jake- we love you!

Alexander McQueen And Target Love

A man of design genius, the name alone makes my heart anxious. I adore the designs, the creativity, the feminine fantasies concocted by Alexander McQueen. Absolutely beautiful and heavenly.


So when I heard that he is to participate with a collection for the International line at TARGET, you can imagine my excitement- wow!

I don't know if I can handle waiting, though I suppose I do not have the choice. Simply, I am pleased to know I will have a choice to purchase his designs and the oh so wonderful TARGET store! Yet another reason to love that place.

I haven't seen any of the designs for this venture just yet, though I do believe a skinny jean is involved- yum, I know whatever he will do will be fantastic. I am looking for some beautiful sleeves and dreamy dresses. In the mean time I felt it appropriate to bask in some of his other more luxurious designs.

Alexander McQueen Elvie Purse

alexander-mcqueen-shoes-black-whiteOh how much do I love these designs- they are gorgeous! So dreamy and luxurious! I cannot wait until the TARGET line is officially revealed and available, you can be certain I will be there early and ready. More to come soon on this gem of a discovery.




Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Marvelous Margarita Perfection


Yum! So the other day we had an unexpected and delightful brunch with some friends. It kind of came together at the last minute but worked out beautifully.

It was such a gorgeous day- sunny with a nice cool breeze, the kind of weather you dream about, and we enjoyed ourselves sitting outside on the patio. We kept seeing tables nearby order these delicious looking drinks and so we could not help but also indulge. When we saw the description about it on the menu as part of a review, we were instantly sold.

"The perfect blend with the perfect ingredients, Herradura Silver, Cointreau & fresh lime juice, served straight up, or on the rocks."

Within one taste we were in love and ordered more for the table. The balance with the lime was just perfect, especially for an early afternoon drink. It made the day even more pleasant.

They call it "The Perfect" and it is perfectly delightful. No nonsense, just yummy.

perfect margarita

Monday, November 10, 2008

Izze, A Yummy Little Drink

izze drink box

I have seen the name and brightly colored box for some time now, but always avoided it thinking it to be one of the many energy drinks. After all, the can size matches them and even with its bright colors it blends in with the others.

Now I know, though! While grocery shopping, I noticed them with their own little side display and picked it up when I saw the "Clementine" flavor. It caught my curiosity, and I wanted to see what it was all about.

Looking at the ingredients, I was pleasantly surprised and had to give it a try- I love it! It is so refreshing and absolutely delicious. Not to mention it is the perfect size- not too much, just a great taste.izzy flavors cans

We have since tried three other flavors from them and continue to look for more. So far the sparkling grapefruit is probably my favorite, and the sparkling clementine a close second.

I am curious to try the apple and blueberry next! I have been very pleased with all of them so far. What a delightfully unexpected treat!

On another note- I bet it would taste GREAT mixed with vodka, especially the sparkling grapefruit. Will be trying that sometime soon, too! This could definitely lead to some great cocktails. Yummy.

izze clementine

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Little Miss Aveline


It was only a matter of time before I introduced her, and so here she is: little miss Aveline. Wherever there are new shoes to be found, a new purse or other fashion accessory, even a new shopping bag- there you will find her.


Ever since she was a teeny tiny kitten, she has loved all things fashion (actually making my hat box into her bed, mushed hat included). Watching me do my make up with the brushes is something she has always loved, it is her favorite thing to do in the morning still to this day.

avie_dior_kittenShe is my little girl with the spotted belly and I call her Aveline. Very cat like, unlike her brother Ulric- she never knocks over anything- no matter how crowded a bookshelf may be, and is so quiet and quick you may never even see her. When her brother tries to mimic her moves, he knocks over items in the other room- not even close to her grace, though I still love him, too.

Kitties can be funny, and these two are constantly entertaining and keeping me happy. They know when a snuggle is in order or when to play, and they are always there in times of need. You've met Ulric in a previous post, now you have met my little Aveline as well.


She likes to nap with her little stuffed puppy toy, funny little thing.


She does love her belly rubs, as well. Such a cutie.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wii Fit Glamorous Discovery

I first bought the wii when it originally came out- somehow without any waiting in line or scheduling my day, I simply walked casually in and was able to get my name on the last available wii during the pre-order.

mii_teresaJust worked out lovely, no complaints- and loved the system. Very fun and very unique as it made you truly interact with the games (yes, it involves actual movement). Well, time has passed and I heard of the Wii Fit, but honestly it didn't really draw me in. I was curious, of course, but not really motivated.

Well, we have come across two of them now as they are quite difficult to find, and we decided to go ahead and give it a go- see what it is all about.

Wow, I never expected so much from it. I thought sure, maybe it will be cute or darling with "some exercise" involvement, but never this. It is very Real.


It is so sensitive to the slightest shift change of your weight- you actually do have to control your posture and center of balance. No cheating in any of the exercises- it knows!

Even when it checks your BMI, it looks like you are standing still, but you do tend to shake or drift just a bit when you stand and it reads it perfectly to see where your balance is and how off or on you are to it.

wii_fit_gameWith the yoga poses, it makes you not only do the pose- but keep your balance in this little circle, in reality which means keeping your posture correct as you do the pose. Seriously no cheating, and you really feel the stretch even more. Same goes with the push ups and so on. Breathing is important and it even agrees- combining my fearless breathing techniques with the wii fit games has helped me master them quickly and feel so much better for it!

The balance games are my favorite, I am quite proud at my success with them now (took a little practice, but I own them now! Next is to own the advanced levels).

I actually enjoy doing this every day which is key- I want to unlock more games and beat my last time or increase my quality of routine. Most importantly, it isn't the slightest bit boring at all. You're competing against yourself more than anything, but you can also compete against others if you wish to.

this is my mii

I absolutely love it- definitely worth the try to see if it is for you. I didn't think it would be but sure enough it absolutely is!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vodka And Caviar

With a name like "Vodka & Caviar" I almost don't care what color it is, I have to have it. Nail polish colors have such unique and playful names, normally I may smile or laugh and then forget about it, focusing only on the color, but this time the name came first.

As part of the O.P.I. Russian Collection, one of their colors is beautifully titled "Vodka & Caviar"- how great is that? It is a rich crimson, which I love, too- and I am determined to get it. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect in the color when my dear friend phoned me about it (she knew I would love it, the words made her think instantly of me as it was). I am pleased it is such a rich and gorgeous color- my heart would have been broken if it was anything but gorgeous.

Vodka and Caviar... what a great thing, I am going to have to use that somewhere I just know it. Much love!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sultry Silver Smoky Eyes

After a sultry dressed Halloween evening, I felt as though I should include a little touch of the same look into my day this morning. Nothing too out there, just a subtle hint through some dramatic eyes in my makeup.

And so I played with my make up to do a classic look with a silver glow. A nice touch of eyeliner to elongate the eyes and really make them pop combined with the classic smoky eye make up- only with more of a silver presence to make the look all the more dramatic and glamorous.

My lashes are pretty long to begin with naturally, but when you add the Le 2 Mascara from Guerlain it maximizes the volume and length like nothing else (I love it).

It is more about the silver faded into the hint of dark gray that collects at the ends of the eyes- one side with a fine eyeliner and the other with the rich smoky finish.

The finished look is simple but quite bold- a little can go a long way. It doesn't take long to do but the results last the entire day and feel flawless. This is a fun look to do and a great way to get excited about the day.

I did mine with silver and gray colors- however if you're looking for even more, go for the gold. Use a nice bronze or gold and mix it into a darker shade of brown- definitely rich and glamorous as well. Even a dark purple could prove to be royal and luxurious.

Play around and make it your own, simple is key as a little goes a long way. Its the details that count.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fabulous Framboise Lambic Belgium Beer

MMmmm, simply marvelous! From its rich velvety texture to its luscious fruit flavors, sometimes I just have to indulge into my Lambic cravings.

Now, I'll admit I am a bit bias in my admiration for Belgium Beers, it is in my family name after all. But this one is a love even for the non beer drinker.

I was craving dessert this evening, something in a beverage but not quite a martini- when suddenly I ran into it and remembered the lambics. Seen here in raspberry, this malty beverage comes in many fruit filled flavors (Lindemans carries black currant, apple, cherry, strawberry, you name it and they are all quite wonderful).

It is a good balance that comes together beautifully.

I don't know what it is with me and beers with corks, but somehow it seems to be a recurring theme! This one in particular actually has a cap on top of the cork which is quite rare. It is all covered with a richly colored foil that best matches its fruit flavor.

It is made from local barley, unmalted wheat, and wild yeast. Raspberries are added after spontaneous fermentation creating a secondary fermentation which yields exceptional flavor and complexity in this beer.

It is a must try for anyone!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Or Little Red Ridding Hood

A couple of days ago I was thinking Alice in Wonderland, but now its the night before Halloween and I am thinking maybe Little Red Ridding Hood. What do you think? Little bit more of a sexy style, that is for sure. Both are quite fun though.

Now, this year I am thinking of vamping it up a bit if I do wear it. The costume originally came with a a dress (pictured below) but I think I want to make it more my own this year by adding my corset with a little red skirt to match the hood. Keeping the gloves and hood of course, but changing the body of it.

Oddly enough the corset is more comfortable than the dress- just something is off about it to me. Its cute, but just the way it was made is lacking inside. I like my new way better.

So I need a verdict! Little Red Ridding hood or Alice in Wonderland? (view the post Haute Halloween to see that one). Let me know- it is tomorrow night!

Oh, and also- if on the little red, do you like the original style (with the white lace dress) or my new style (with the black corset).

Time is running out- I appreciate it! much love, xx