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Monday, June 30, 2008

Wild Wonders & Elk Endeavors

Of all the meats I have had the pleasure of tasting, by far and beyond elk is my favorite. A very lean game meat with a taste and texture that is truly luxurious and a must try for all if ever the chance is given to you.

Knowing many hunters, a freezer full of elk is not uncommon for me and quite the happy luxury. However when traveling and moving about, I find I miss it most of all. Many restaurants are beginning to popularize in exotic game cuisine, and elk is definitely making an appearance.

From filets to burgers, it is a must. Keep it simple, as not much is needed. Rare is best ( as is for all my meats) and I would not stray from it especially for this one. Medium Rare at most, please. If it is too alarming for you, then it is best passed all together. There is nothing more frightening to me than a piece of tough dried cooked through meat.

Color, texture, that perfect juicy element and taste are crucial and rewarding in their own respect.

So the next time you go to your favorite restaurant and an elk special finds its way to you- take it, love it, and enjoy it. Don't let the chance pass you by.

Noir Glamour Of A Classic

There is no arguing the dark elegance and beautiful simplicity of the little black dress- as little or extravagant as it may be. On its own or with well thought out accessories it is forever the statement piece of beauty.

It is the one thing that every girl in a room could wear and think nothing of it- as everyone wears their own quite differently. How you own your dress shows in how you carry yourself and how you dress it, hair and make up included.

Sure in the spring it becomes more of the little white dress in popularity, but sultriness and simple elegance of a black gown always attracts the eye, especially in the evenings of any season.

Strong and bold, no matter how simple it may be- don't ever let your favorite black dress be forgotten. Find or create an occasion of your own to wear it or make it special, even if it means treating yourself to a drink at a pretty bar or restaurant. Invite some friends, host a party, or create a new tradition.

You'll love preparing for it and love even more living in it.

Pretty Little Things

Its the little things that make the world go round. And new and old alike are always lovely. They play off each other so nicely, too. If opposed to old fashioned ways, which I couldn't imagine one would, reinvent them to modern times.

Old Hollywood holds images of glamor and black and white elegance, but the present is in color and so are the styles. Traditional cuts and shapes are still admired, as they were and now in bright bold colors.

Everyone should have something pretty that is special to them. Maybe its a piece of jewelry passed down, a vintage hat or fur- even a fancy spoon or teacup can be a memorable and special pretty item. So long as you use it- if not for once in a while.

What's old is new and what's new is in memory of the old.

We all know the images of classic glamor girls in the past- fancy delicate hats with well cut dresses, gloves, broaches, and well thought out pieces alike. They don't all have to be your classic colors (black, white, nude). Christian Lacroix always shows otherwise.

Being Playful almost certainly has to involve pretty little things, makes you feel like a pretty little thing yourself. Don't leave special items in the closet collecting dust- keep them alive and involved in your life. After all, it is what makes them special to be remembered and admired.

Create your own collection of pretty little things to be admired now and later when they become icons. There's nothing like the one of a kind impossible to find item in your hands and in your wardrobe.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Delightfully Timeless Tiffany & Co

Its the little blue box that is always cheering me up and keeping me happy. Forever classic and beautiful, the name Tiffany & Co. brings a sparkle to the eye.

From the simple charming and cute pieces to the elaborate and significant occasion collections, every item with the name is treasured.

Maybe you have only one piece, or are nearing on your first- its that connection that is so charming and delightful. Tiffany's has pieces that are forever treasured in history, having the smallest of pieces for yourself connects you to the greatness of the past and excites you to a greater future.

There is just something special about them that is untouchable. Its pure and loved and warm. Its quite difficult not to smile when thinking of the name alone.

Yes, I think everyone should have at least one piece from Tiffany & Co. Something to keep as a little luxury for themselves.

Even if it is just one little piece.

Irresistible Bites Of Bruschetta

Bruschetta is a wonderful appetizer for an event or snack at home, and the best part is that it can be anything. As are many of my gourmet loves-simplicity reigns above all else. Fresh wonderful ingredients, a toasted lovely bread, and herbs or cheeses to your liking. Tomatoes, basil, and cream cheese are quite popular and common, however there are no limitations.

Prosciutto with some Gruyere or Goat Cheese and balsamic vinegar is an easy to make and enjoyable to consume snack of mine. Add some basil for that extra taste, too.

Use asparagus or a fig spread- be completely different. Mango's or maybe a cucumber medley can freshen things up.

Here's an idea for a simple dessert- strawberries and a bit of sweet cream. Make your own creative fruit tart a la bruschetta style. For a party your guests are bound to love it.

Its a no fuss easy clean up-what's not to love about that. Purchase a baguette and slice it yourself or purchase it pre-sliced if you prefer even. Toast it and top it as creatively as you like.

Who ever said snacking can't be glamorous.

Long Beautiful And A Flawless Shine

Finding a consistent perfect shine and smoothness for your hair has never been easier. And believe it from me, I have a lot of hair- really, a lot of hair. Finding something to control it and keep it the way I like has been a mission now since resolved.

Living in Florida and now in Texas, humidity is a familiar fiend. Oddly enough, I haven't noticed it much as my hair remains completely smooth with that wonderful shine. Kerastase has made all the difference for me, particularly their Oleo-Relax Collection.

The shampoo and hair mask does wonders for me- and makes my hair feel flawless for days. I use their heat protector before blow drying my hair straight and rarely need to touch up again before my next wash. It saves me from using heat on my hair every day and my hair moves beautifully. The less maintenance needed the better, it allows me time to style my hair in fun and creative ways instead of having to spend an hour or two getting it ready for play.

Looking for shine, curls, pure health? They have products targeted for them too- and they are all wonderful. The price may be somewhat high at first glance- but you don't need to use it every day and a little bit goes a long way. In fact, it lasts so much longer than my past shampoos and conditioners that it ends up being the same price or even less.

Don't believe me- see for yourself. That's me, I used to fight with my hair all the time, now I love my hair and look forward to drying and styling it. After a hair mask treatment, my hair instantly goes into place requiring less damaging heat and so much less time.

I laugh now and how difficult and time consuming it used to be. Now its a sort of luxury for me, not to mention the lasting effect of feeling great. This one is not going away for me.

Key Lime And Vodka Luxury

Key Lime Martinis- not only a lovely drink but from my favorite hotel in Miami Beach, The Delano. It combines the two things I miss most since having moved away from Miami. My love of key limes and my love of the Delano.

Vodka is always a pleasure of mine, as are the drinks it inspires such as the lychee or in this case key lime martini. Its great on its own, but if you are going to mix it then mix it well.

If ever the chance you have to be in South Beach, relax by the Delano Pool (make a day plan and an evening plan) and relax with a luxurious drink. Locals and tourists alike mix comfortably in the beautiful designs the Delano brings, and the atmosphere is like nothing else.

Bring a little of Miami to your home with the Key Lime Martini- and make it your own. Use key lime juice, or even a flavored vodka if you prefer, and keep it simple or make it fun. I've seen variations with coconut or pineapple in the mix that all sound lovely. Even a little bit of vanilla can make for an interesting twist.

The point is to have fun and bring in a little luxury. Finding the recipe that works best for you is only the beginning of the fun, and experiment to create your own. The key lime pies of Miami are one of my favorite treats- and its not surprise to see it turning up on the drink menu.

Make it sweet or make it sour- make it your own and enjoy.

Seafood Dreams Of Bouillabaisse Travels

Food and travel- of all the things I have had there is one dish that has always stood out to me, a single dish I could have each day and never tire of. Quite simply- it is bouillabaisse. Seafood stew or soup if you prefer, another gem originating from Provence.

Returning home it is always the meal I miss. The freshest of seafoods best- mussels, clams, oysters, calamari, some wine and seasoning in a saffron broth- its velvety and just right. Nothing is overpowering, its not overfilling, and everything compliments each other so well. Absolutely satisfying- add a little bread and you are complete.

I'll never forget my first trip to Madrid- sitting outside a cafe with a bowl of bouillabaisse and sangria- pure absolute heaven. I knew everything would go well from that point on.

Just the other night I had the luxury of finding a local restaurant which had just opened up to have a dish they called Mariscada on their menu. In their broth, they added coconut milk- sounds odd, but it worked beautifully and the taste was subtle if noticeable at all. It mostly added to the texture to make the dish complete. No wine, but it was a version I definitely appreciated. It was wonderful.

And it is becoming quite popular- by as many names as you can imagine even. The trend has been spreading and is starting to get noticed.

When it comes to seafood fresh is very important to me, and that being so I am not inclined to order seafood when away from the sea. If you can find a place that catches their own, you are normally in wonderful hands. I like to have a good relationship with the chefs of the restaurants I dine in. They keep you informed and are more than happy to take care of you as well as their cuisine.

So as you travel across the globe, or even when you return home- keep an eye for the seafood stews and local selections. Finding one you like best is only part of the fun.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All The Little Of The Fashion Lot

Accessories make the fashion world go round- not to mention the key statement pieces whose statements speak loud and bold. As for me, they are pieces that will always be in- the ones with the pure classic element to them. Then of course there are the now of the moment daring pieces that are simply fun and pretty to look at as much as they are to wear.

The Hermes Kelly bag will always have a place in my eyes, and I am quite fond of the inspired watch created in its namesake. Still classic with definite lines of elegance, it is a beautiful piece.

If the price seems more than comfortable now- take in inspiration to find that feel of beauty. No copies, there's no love in them. Something that speaks that same statement to you.

Though not everyone may agree with me- but love it or hate it, the Balenciaga Boot Shoe is taking notice. I love it, there is something about it I find absolutely beautiful and somehow elegant. Its daring and playful- exactly the right balance of pushing the line but staying within it. Whatever your statement shoe is- find it, wear it, own it- no matter what people say. If you love it then love it. They will come to love it too- more so love you.

Balenciaga's cuff bracelet above has that industrial yet incredibly elegant feel about it, too.

The Fendi B-Buckle belt is a statement piece noticed and appreciated as much as it is from afar and up close. Bold lines of elegance. Belts are wonderful- make them skinny, make them big, make them colorful or make them neutral-pretty little decorative buckle and you are set. Even a ribbon can come in as a cute and creative alternative. Just take a look at Oscar De La Renta's creation below.

Find a look, find a statement, change it up or keep it classic- but by all means love it.

Glamorous Dining At Home

Fine Dining consists of simple statements defined and glamorized. Set rules and expectations, that extra care and attention to detail-being comfortable and achieving a vision.

Why cannot the same be said of the home. Maybe not every night, but once in a while its nice to recreate the dining room and set the stage for a special occasion- even if the occasion is simply the desire of making it one.

Set the table, light some candles, maybe bring in some flowers and some music to set the tone. Design a course to complete your vision and taste- and for that of your friends and loved ones.

Want something really special-set a night for yourself. That's right- set the table for one, design a beautiful course and display it as you would expect it given to you. Laugh if you like, but its quite fun and a wonderful treat as well as an escape from the hectic noise of the day. Follow it with a bath or movie if you like even.

Including friends and loved ones makes it magical, and is a great reason to get them involved and enjoy each others company. Create a few simple appetizers and an easy and delicious entree with some glamorous sides- what makes it glamorous is up to you. Maybe its the colors you use in your vegetables and fruits, maybe its the distinct herbs or cheeses you like. Make it your own, make it beautiful, and make it enjoyable. It will give a whole new meaning to the cleaning up the house chore if its for something you are creating. That's always a nice little extra.

And don't ever forget the dessert. A small little taste is never a bad thing, particularly as I myself take as many tastes as possible.

Have a little fun with your meals.

Delicate Laces To Strong Sophistication

After looking at the darker daring side of fashion, I think a delicate and softer view is in order. Balance is important, after all. And on that extreme let's begin with Chanel's 2008 Spring Look. I adore how heavenly this dress just floats in the back and rises playfully in the front. The lace just melts and yet somehow with the many layers- it looks seemingly weightless. The delicate peachy pink bow and flower crown further announces the femininity.

Then there is the line in between- light spring colors battling winters black and other darker hues. Yves Saint Laurent combined both for this ultimate sophisticated and bold look. The contrast with the distinct lines are feminine, daring- and dark without being grim. The light colors keep it fresh and great for the season.

A thick black waist cinching belt has always been a love of mine, and with the expansion into the dress it is a beautiful flow and complete look.

Keep it fresh, make it light, make it dark, or simply dive into both. Make it your own and hold true to your look.

Bunnies Over Tokyo Fashion Week

Runway fashion at its most exotic and eccentric can be found during Tokyo Fashion Week. Bunnies and Rabbit ears on the girls is just the start. Designer Naoto Hirooka -or H. Naoto to the fashion world, has style that simply cannot go unnoticed.

Anywhere from Gothic Lolita, I must admit a fondness that I have for it, to the punkier styles, H. Naoto's creativity soars. There is no fear to be playful and I love to see the mark pushed further from up and coming designers.

Viktor & Rolf won my heart with their twists on style design, and quite similarly has H. Naoto in such respect.

His dark and interesting designs have even given Hello Kitty a bit of a makeover- dressed and styled to fit the line.





Heres to more daring, loving, and cutely inspired fashion..







Cheese In Gourmet Luxury

Is there anything grander than cheese- I think not. It plays nicely with wines and fruits, not to mention quite well on its own. Local cheese shops are a gem if you have one available. The busier the better- as the cheese does not sit and is constantly receiving new orders.

But then what do you do when that option is not available? Packaged and processed cheese doesn't have to be the answer- all those chemicals and preservatives aren't cheese after all. Believe it or not, there is an alternative- and a GREAT one at that.

Take a look over at A world quality selection at your fingertips and soon to be at your door.

As a reference alone, their information is incredibly valuable. Everything from tasting notes to what to pair your cheese with. It is all there for you.

Lost and confused of where to start- select a category or type and you are on your way. When I saw the category of "stinky cheeses" I knew I was in the right place. Mmmmm... I am hungry just thinking about it now.



Luxury and food, they know each other so well.






Style It Up Or Wave It Down

Hair with attitude and a statement bold and wild or delicate and chic. If you have Medium to Long hair there is no excuse to not have a little fun. Rut never more if ever you were in one-the girls with the short hair can make it look so easy to come up with a spunky or classy style; its time to take notice of your own.

Never be afraid to experiment a little here and there. Maybe you don't know what your doing when you go into it, but that doesn't mean the results can't be amazing. Some of my best creations were purely accidental messing around.

Rock it or keep it in simple sophistication- do something to make it extra special. And don't stop there, you can do so much more with it down, too.

Straighten it for a sleek shine or curl it half way up for some soft natural waves. Let your hair guide you as it naturally is, if not even inspire you. I have found that sometimes after having my hair up for a day, putting it down it will naturally fall into these perfect waves and curls. From one style right into another- perhaps from day into evening or from one day to another.

The classics are constantly reinventing themselves into new and exciting forms. Many of the time thanks to make up as seen in the fashion shows. Quite dramatic and perhaps not for actual wear, take them as creative influences to create a style you can use for yourself.

Its a great excuse if anything to give more time to yourself and really enjoy it. Pamper yourself, maybe set up a warm bath to follow. Create new styles to use for the rest of the week and upcoming events. There are no limits.




Above all have fun and and love your look.








Another Splash for Nails

Whether its business or play, the color you paint your nails should never be limited to routine. This year I have bounced around from nudes with the faintest hints of color or shimmer, whites that are clean and bold, brilliant and rich tropical pinks and reds, and the deepest shades of burgundy.

Played right with a matching or contrasting outfit and the intrigue grows stronger. Looking through my nail polish collection I realized there is someone who has been neglected this year that is ready to be known again- the pastels, particularly the matte pastels. Even little silver is starting to move its way forward. Deep and royal blue made its way last winter as the new red, there is something sophisticated and rich about it. Somewhat daring yet divine.

But what of the pastels, the lavenders, pale yellows and corals? Watermelon has already began its move forward with a bold and deep color- perhaps other fruits are soon to follow in the color department. It just sounds so spring and summer not to mention playful and young. I think some warm and soft colors are ready now.

Change things up a bit. Of course the classics will always be there for us; but how often do you get the chance to venture out and let a little flirty creativity soar.

Lychee Litchi Delight in a Drink

Absolute favorite of all favorites when it comes to drinks and and exotic fruits is the Lychee- and a martini especially. I used to bring a bowl of frozen lychees with me when I would lay out on the beach, a favorite luxury of mine. Great anywhere, too- not just out in the sun, and should be often practiced. But I cannot help but involve another love of mine: vodka. They work so beautifully together with just the right balance of smooth and delicate hint of sweetness.

Oh the lovely wonders of the lychee, or litchi depending where you may go. A friend of mine from Japan recognized the fruit as the litchi rather than lychee. She loved them too, and I do not think you could ever eat too much.

Making your own at home is quite simple, provided you can find the lychee- fresh is most desirable, however the canned version are an alright substitute. You can use the juice they are kept in for the drink as well. Maaza provides a great Lychee juice that is delicious on its own.

Look for the lychee next time you are out and about-sorbet, martini, juice, or the fruit alone are all a delightful indulgence.

If its appearance alarms you- worry not, you don't eat the red pointy shell, only the delicate fruit inside. There is no intense acquired taste about it either, I have yet to find anyone who doesn't enjoy them- even the pickiest of eaters.

Bring a little luxury into your drink.

Candy on the Chic

Pure divine fruit preserved in the traditional way of Southern France, still today is within grasp in a delicious way. Of my travels, Nice has such a wonderful feel that can really be noticed at the Confiserie Florian through their creations. Keeping true to history and tradition, the factory is more than happy to guide you through the process- samples along the way a delight to enjoy.

A favorite of mine is the ostrich eggs- a velvety smooth chocolate wrapped in a fragile candy coating. Its all the right textures and balances that melt in just the right way- impossible to ignore or save for later, I devour them in an instant.

Fruit and Chocolate is grand- however do not miss the selection of candied flowers and liquors. Rose and Violet have always been a favorite of mine as a child- simply beautiful and delicate.

Nice alone is quite beautiful, and the Confiserie Florian is a direct reflection. Visit their site and you can have them delivered to your home- such a convenience especially when the flight is so long.

Candy lovers everywhere, this is one to indulge and adore.