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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Glamorous Dining At Home

Fine Dining consists of simple statements defined and glamorized. Set rules and expectations, that extra care and attention to detail-being comfortable and achieving a vision.

Why cannot the same be said of the home. Maybe not every night, but once in a while its nice to recreate the dining room and set the stage for a special occasion- even if the occasion is simply the desire of making it one.

Set the table, light some candles, maybe bring in some flowers and some music to set the tone. Design a course to complete your vision and taste- and for that of your friends and loved ones.

Want something really special-set a night for yourself. That's right- set the table for one, design a beautiful course and display it as you would expect it given to you. Laugh if you like, but its quite fun and a wonderful treat as well as an escape from the hectic noise of the day. Follow it with a bath or movie if you like even.

Including friends and loved ones makes it magical, and is a great reason to get them involved and enjoy each others company. Create a few simple appetizers and an easy and delicious entree with some glamorous sides- what makes it glamorous is up to you. Maybe its the colors you use in your vegetables and fruits, maybe its the distinct herbs or cheeses you like. Make it your own, make it beautiful, and make it enjoyable. It will give a whole new meaning to the cleaning up the house chore if its for something you are creating. That's always a nice little extra.

And don't ever forget the dessert. A small little taste is never a bad thing, particularly as I myself take as many tastes as possible.

Have a little fun with your meals.

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