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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Key Lime And Vodka Luxury

Key Lime Martinis- not only a lovely drink but from my favorite hotel in Miami Beach, The Delano. It combines the two things I miss most since having moved away from Miami. My love of key limes and my love of the Delano.

Vodka is always a pleasure of mine, as are the drinks it inspires such as the lychee or in this case key lime martini. Its great on its own, but if you are going to mix it then mix it well.

If ever the chance you have to be in South Beach, relax by the Delano Pool (make a day plan and an evening plan) and relax with a luxurious drink. Locals and tourists alike mix comfortably in the beautiful designs the Delano brings, and the atmosphere is like nothing else.

Bring a little of Miami to your home with the Key Lime Martini- and make it your own. Use key lime juice, or even a flavored vodka if you prefer, and keep it simple or make it fun. I've seen variations with coconut or pineapple in the mix that all sound lovely. Even a little bit of vanilla can make for an interesting twist.

The point is to have fun and bring in a little luxury. Finding the recipe that works best for you is only the beginning of the fun, and experiment to create your own. The key lime pies of Miami are one of my favorite treats- and its not surprise to see it turning up on the drink menu.

Make it sweet or make it sour- make it your own and enjoy.

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