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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Honey, Honey

Mmmmm... so delicious and yes, actually- so very good for you. Especially local honey that has been unfiltered. Nothing clears up the sinuses like a spoon of local honey- it naturally helps your body adapt and adjust to the regions air and pollen. It is beneficial remedy to fatigue, stress, pain and asthma and even known to ease a hangover.

Honey is naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals and is easy to digest as it has been previously digested by the bees. That means no work for your body, only accepting the beautiful nutrients it has to offer-including lots of antioxidants.

Yummy- absolutely yummy. It also holds potassium, and as bacteria cannot survive in it- it will never go bad.

And for your skin- it both attracts and retains moisture vital to healthy skin; think of it as a natural toner. Its also a natural anti-irritant which means avoiding the worries chemicals bring. In fact, the natural healing qualities are beneficial to scars and burns.

Two tablespoons a day will do wonders for you, I encourage it in both taste and health. Its too delicious to pass up.

Remember, it isn't for babies but great for adults.

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