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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Balsamic Beauty

Beautiful and deliciously simple- a favorite of mine that will always be is a classic heirloom tomato and balsamic vinegar salad. Fancied up or just simple- it is absolutely divine and a must.

Heirloom tomatoes are wonderful- you know them, they are the tomatoes with the bright yellow and green colors in a variety of shapes and sizes. Combined with a few cherry tomatoes or those of your choice and then drizzled in an aged balsamic vinegar and you are in pure heaven.

Fancy it up a bit with some goat cheese or even a gruyere, some fresh basil leaves, and then maybe a few fresh slices of prosciutto-Mmmmmmmmmmm.... so rich!

If you want more of the salad feel, try some arugula or endive- make it your own and play around with the options but keep it simple with fresh ingredients.

Balsamic vinegar alone can be an experiment, with so many available and of different ages- find one you like if not a few. A different balsamic will make a completely different result every time.

Great by itself or wonderful paired up with other appetizers. The heirloom tomato & aged balsamic salad is a luxury too simple to avoid.

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