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Pretty And Fabulous

Pretty And Fabulous
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Monday, June 30, 2008

Pretty Little Things

Its the little things that make the world go round. And new and old alike are always lovely. They play off each other so nicely, too. If opposed to old fashioned ways, which I couldn't imagine one would, reinvent them to modern times.

Old Hollywood holds images of glamor and black and white elegance, but the present is in color and so are the styles. Traditional cuts and shapes are still admired, as they were and now in bright bold colors.

Everyone should have something pretty that is special to them. Maybe its a piece of jewelry passed down, a vintage hat or fur- even a fancy spoon or teacup can be a memorable and special pretty item. So long as you use it- if not for once in a while.

What's old is new and what's new is in memory of the old.

We all know the images of classic glamor girls in the past- fancy delicate hats with well cut dresses, gloves, broaches, and well thought out pieces alike. They don't all have to be your classic colors (black, white, nude). Christian Lacroix always shows otherwise.

Being Playful almost certainly has to involve pretty little things, makes you feel like a pretty little thing yourself. Don't leave special items in the closet collecting dust- keep them alive and involved in your life. After all, it is what makes them special to be remembered and admired.

Create your own collection of pretty little things to be admired now and later when they become icons. There's nothing like the one of a kind impossible to find item in your hands and in your wardrobe.

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