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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Luxury Of Spa V

Living in a world where luxury knows no bounds, a true gem and loving favorite of mine remains in Spa V of the Hotel Victor Miami. It is an underground world of serene luxury. Indulge in the eucalyptus steam room or simply melt away in the appropriately titled cool down room. STRETCH ME is a particular favorite of mine, consisting of a mix of anything from Thai massage to deep tissue- they construct the massage to your needs and desires. It is a must, not to mention the many treatments they offer to combine with it.

Pool and parking is complimentary to guests of the Spa and Hotel and are to be taken advantage of, especially as the beaches can become quite crowded and parking on a sunny day impossible.

Another indulgence I would recommend is having a bite or drink from the Vix- service is welcomed in the cool down room for a bite before or afterwards, meaning you need not move an inch for luxury. They're menu is as beautiful as it is delicious; with so many playful drinks it is hard to decide. Though I must admit, when detoxing after a massage- drink plenty of water and avoid the tempting alcohol.

Make a day of it instead- arrive early and enjoy the pool with some lunch and a drink. Unwind in the cool down room and prepare yourself by relaxing in the steam room. It is a beautiful way to end the massage as well.

Find a time earlier in the day or week and you will often find the spa to yourself- another luxury.

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