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Monday, July 21, 2008

Dark Knight Continues To Rise

Wow, wow. No spoilers are given if you are among those who have yet to see this gem. Be assured, you will not be dissapointed.

Dark, creepy and dirty the way I love it- no unnecessary dramas or cringing corny lines. Even the pictures I had seen prior to the film were new again when presented (context and watching things in action redefines them all and makes them so much more powerful).

As for the Joker, I could have not been more pleased with how Mr. Heath Ledger played the role- an absolute psychopathic killer and not the hum drum jester.

What appealed to me the most was how it was portrayed so real. The characters weren't fantastic superhero cartoons, moreover they were carried out and reacted to as actual people behaving out in society.

For the man of his society to become the joker or the batman is what you see, not the man in tights dancing about and calling out lines. The city's involvement and responses, too, further the reality of how such a spectacle would be applied to life. It is crime in the real sense, not of childish antics. The people's fear is real and treated as real in their situation.

Harvey Dent's character grows in the film, as any Batman Admirer would know or expect. Also not to disappoint I will leave my words of him there. Please note, you will not be disappointed here either.


Another viewing is in order for me, and I will also be seeing the film on IMAX. I am quite curious to see it from such a view. If you have yet to see it- WATCH IT though I am sure you certainly are; if you have already seen it, I would encourage you to watch it again, though you probably are.

Chateau Richard Bergerac Wine

Organically farmed and certified by ECOCERT, I was pleasantly surprised and happy to taste the Chateau Richard Beragerac Wine. Presented in a half bottle it has an appealing charm and comes with a pleasant reward.

Bergerac itself is a town in France East of Bordeaux and in the Dordogne departement. Its location at the Dordogne river offers excellence in its grapes and wines that are well known as among the best of the Bordeaux region. The Red wines of Bergerac are best for tasting when aged from 2-4 years, which makes the 2005 just right. Full of fruity flavor- particularly black cherry and plum and some hints of vanilla, it has a nice balance to the tannins and acidity of the wine.

Many times half bottles can be quite alarming with their price tags, though this one I found more welcoming at $15. Its a reasonable jump if its your first and you will not be disappointed.

Trying wines (both familiar of names and those perhaps strange at first) and finding what you like is what it is all about- and you do not know until you try.

Classic And Timeless Or "IT" Accessories

The Kelly, Hermes did it well and so the name is forever spoken with an immediate reaction of fashion awe. Chanel's classic quilt design in its subtly and quality still brings a warm smile to my face. They are classics that will last a lifetime.

Zac Posen is constantly revealing beautiful and sophisticated designs that capture what we love of the past and bring it to a modern state with designs that reach us now. His Beatrice Bag pictured here is one I admire greatly. Its size shape and color are simple and beautiful to create a wonderful masterpiece.

When it comes closer to the it and now you see one of two things- either something comfortable and large with warm colors or something structured and bright with bold playful colors. Chloe's designs are very comforting and warm, I always think of billowing dresses and the care-free attitude. Its appeal is functional as well and is a trend that runs long into the future. Its perfect or spring and for anyone one the go with much to tote around.

Marc Jacobs has fun and playful pretty colors that I cannot help but love. With fun classic shapes to more modern structured designs. His purse here just makes you instantly feel pretty and makes me want to throw a tea party. I love it.

Almost everyone makes their statement piece- whether its the Motorcycle Balenciaga Bag, The Ivory Horn or Muse YSL Bag, or what have you- its about finding something that speaks to you that you will love, use, and enjoy.

Have as many as you like; some comfortable ones to change out depending on circumstances, but I think it is important for everyone to have at least one bag that just makes them beam. One that makes them feel grand no matter what the day brings. Its costs can be high and vary from bag to bag- but that's what makes it so grand, too. Have a success- achieve a goal and reward yourself. The bag will remind you of your success each time you wear it (and hopefully motivate you to do more of the same).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vince Camuto Beauty In Shoes

It is pretty well known that my love of shoes is a grand love. I am always looking for something that has that classic yet playful twist that can be worn casually with that touch of sophisticated elegance.

Vince Camuto nearly always performs, and at a lovely price range as well (many at about or just under $150). My first pair from him I purchased years ago, with many raving reviews as I walked about town, and only wished I had purchased two. Everyone always would stop and demand to know where I had found them, and at the time it was quite difficult for me to find as it was.

The collection has grown and can quite commonly be found in most department stores. This particular pair pictured on top is the Veronica in Camel (though it also comes in gray/black). I adore the feeling of a new shoe.

On the right is another from Vince Camuto in a more Oxford Style though it has the playful peekaboo toe. Being sophisticated can still be playful, its not all cold, serious and hum drum.

Though the collection has a vast range, there are definitely a select few signature pieces that stand out and just looking to be known. What’s even more beautiful is the comfortable price tag of such a well designed and expensive looking shoe at a reasonable cost. It isn’t so cheap that you feel you are losing on value of quality, and not so expensive that you feel guilty for rewarding yourself with such a treat.

The Instinct, Samsung's Newest Beauty

Adore it, adore it, adore it. I was anxious for the phone to arrive and now that it has- it is grander than I imagined or could have hoped for.

I’ve been playing with it now for a few days (since the Thursday just before it was released), and am simply delighted with the Instinct. It works quickly and smoothly, very easy to handle and adjustable touch sensitivity settings. The GPS works so wonderfully that I returned my tomtom device- I truly think something was wrong with at least the one I had purchased. The instinct’s GPS does everything I need it to, and as an added bonus speaks the street names to you.

Internet is great, not to mention much faster than the edge network. Sprint always has had the fastest network, and it is nice to see it in well use. It notifies me of my emails along with my missed calls and other messages. The controls are simple and make it easier to navigate throughout the screen.

Now, on mine I have added a pink rubber cover for protection and for a bit of a better grip. The phone itself is very slender and a comfortable size. In my home, our black granite counter tops and nearly black wood furniture make for a quick disappearing act for any blending object- so for me it serves an extra purpose. The phone does actually comes with a black leather case which is fitted nicely and easy to use.

One of the nicest features is quite understated though: visual voicemail. What that means is you can see who called, choose what order you wish to listen to your messages- skip some entirely, pause, rewind and fast forward, or save it for later use. All done simply by the touch of the screen.

Now, it is not a smart phone so the techies may complain a bit, but its not for them. Its for everyone and its fun and functional. I am finding it to be just the luxury item I needed- not to mention making everything simpler and more enjoyable as well.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Glamorous & Short And Getting Shorter

Sexy, casual, dressy, playful, or elegant, shorts are no longer just for the sporty. With lengths only getting shorter, they have managed to keep their appeal fresh and sophisticated.

I've grown quite fond of them living where it is constantly hot, and love the versatility of them. Nice shorts with a glamorously simple silk top and I can easily work my way from day to evening. Great for lunch and great for the early cocktail hours.

The shorts themselves have so many variations from the very high to very low waist, big buckle belts or none at all. Material options go even deeper and can further enhance th elegance or playfulness you are going for.

Embrace them and renew them- there is no reason for them to be a boring afterthought.

Above all, they are comfortable and easy. Being beautiful has never been so simple.

Lamb, Mint, And Burgers of Beauty

So I am a bit hungry for a light but distinctive lunch and I remember I have some mint left over from my cucumber mint sandwiches. Instantly lamb comes to mind.

The grocery had ground lamb which looked lovely and I simply couldn't pass it up. I love its flavor and when prepared with mint it is the perfect compliment. Now, when I prepare my burgers I like to mince some fresh garlic and mix it into the meat- that way when it cooks the flavor is bursting in every bite- YUM. Combine chopped mint leaves in the mix and you are talking heaven.

Seasoned with some coarse salt and pepper and they are ready to go. Sear it in some browned butter or put it on the grill- it is to your liking and so simple to prepare and do.

Not into the lamb but like the burger idea? Make it Au Poivre and coat the sides in peppercorn. It gives it texture and a zap of great taste- simple ingredients always reveal themselves as their best in the results.

Burgers need not be boring. Either with minced garlic in the mix or on its own. What I like to do is have some goat cheese (or sometimes blue cheese) in the center of my burger before placing it on the grill or in the pan. The cheese melts but stays inside promising every bite to be a grand one.

Play with the bun and mix the toppings as much as you like. Caramelized onions are always a great choice as is a kaiser bun. But that's just me.

Make them small and bite sized or large and rich. Above all- make them your own and make them delicious.

Delicate & Delicious Cucumber Mint Tea Sandwiches

One of my personal favorites at the tea table has always been the refreshing and delightful cucumber mint tea sandwich. A girlfriend of mine and I used to escape once every two weeks or so to this glamorous restaurant for afternoon tea. The decor was beautiful and we usually had the place nearly to ourselves. They would present a three tiered tower with scones and cookies, miniature pastries, and a small variety of tea sandwiches. It was a simple and luxurious treat.

The beautiful thing is it can be done at home either as a snack on your own or as a delight to be shared with friends. Its quite simple and you can make them as glamorous and distinctive as you like.

The recipe is quite simple-cream cheese, chopped fresh mint leaves, chopped or sliced cucumbers, and bread cut to your liking. I like to butter one side of the bread as well and season the cucumbers with just a tiny bit of salt for that extra bite.

Cutting the crust and then cutting the sandwich into halves or quarters is most common- but do not limit yourself. If you have some cute cookie cutters use them for fun and delightful results. When entertaining it looks like your a pro with all the finesse- and it takes no time or effort on your part at all.

Children may like them as well- add your own variation to their liking of course, but the shapes make them look like cookies more than food.

Use dill or tarragon to change it up or create your own unique little sandwich. Make a fun name for your friends if you like, "Cucumber me for Tea" or something playful.

Or just maybe pour yourself a nice cup of tea, sit outside or by a window, relax and have a few bites to yourself.

Grapes for Gourmet Healthy Bites

When it comes to gourmet simple natural ingredients are key. Simple and beautiful on their own, grapes are one of the easiest gourmet bites to have.

I like to wash them and place then in a comfortably sized zip lock bag- ideal for snacking anywhere and at any time.

Now, when I do this I always make at least two bags and with reason: frozen grapes.

So simple and devilishly wonderful (not to mention a great snack for those who are diet conscious). Its difficult to feel guilty about snacking on something so simple and so wonderful.

When grapes are frozen, they are like little bites of sorbet with a nice crisp peel. So velvety and smooth with just the right amount of sweet. For this reason, I always keep a bag ready in the freezer.

Grocery stores are making it easier now by boxing three styles of grapes together, making choice all the more easy.

Its a simple snack that is delicious and all so better than a bag of chips or a candy bar- not too mention the no involved mess of them.

Great at home or handy at work for the long hours between meals. It keeps you happy and your stomach as well.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cafe Gourmet Luxury

I have spent the past few years living in Miami and began a habit of ordering cafe cubanos, cortaditos, and cafe con leches without so much the flinch of an eye. Having moved to Texas and wandering into the local coffee shop I suddenly find myself in a bind. My normal and what was quite quick and easy drink order has become an ordeal.

Cafe Cubanos are a special wonderful delight- raw sugar and espresso grounds are brewed together to create the strong sweet concoction that has just the right balance. Occasionally with some milk- as in the cortadito standard a 50/50 or 25/75 espresso to milk ratio, also a splendid delight. They are strong and just sweet enough, small in just the right amount. There is genuinely no turning back either, as those who have enjoyed them all too well know.

I have found myself ordering a "cafe cubano machiato" for those who know it, and even then its not quite right. If you are able to find it- you must have it. It is a strong burst that will get your day going and with that much needed spark. If at home, simply add the sugar to the coffee grounds and then brew the coffee through your espresso device. The key is having them brewed together. The stronger the better as far as I am concerned, Cafe Bustelo is quite popular and consistently nice. Add some evaporated steamed milk and you have a delicacy in the works. Don't let this pleasure pass you by.

Monday, July 7, 2008

For The Love Of Shoes

Shoes for all occasions are one thing, but shoes that bring occasions are so much grander and fun. When was the last time you purchased a shoe that motivated you to create an event or occasion? Its may have been too long, and if not- who is to say there are not enough occasions to be made.

Bright and bold with playful and creative heels screamed this spring and summer. Worn correctly I think it could make for an easy progression into the winter. They are quite fun and eventful on their own.

Playful for the perfect cocktail with friends or that special soirée. Finding the outfit may be the tricky part, though whenever in doubt the simple sleek shaped dress (black or otherwise) compliments nicely. No need to be too complicated.

On the more every day side of things, I am liking the Michael Kors Bergen Shoe- its sleek, shiny, and sophisticated with that deadly charm. Its great from day into evening and is as casual or dressy as you wish to make it. Quite a statement piece and without ripping apart the budget. Its a lovely find for anyone.

Booties and Open Toe Shoes are also quite the rage and showing up in more and more places. Clean lined, corset laced, or open toed- not to mention all at once in some cases as seen here. Devilish and sexy it can be the subtle added allure to any outfit. I think we will continue to see these throughout the winter and enjoy including them in our wardrobe.

As a final note, I love to leave with Louboutin and see no reason why not to here. Simply magnifique as always.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Museo Del Prado, My Greatest Love Of Art

A true love of mine has always been art; it began as a child and will never leave me. Of all the collections, by far, Museo Del Prado in Madrid, Spain is the greatest of them all. A humble collection perhaps when viewed against the Louvre in Paris; but a dear and exquisite collection if there ever was one.

Velasquez, Goya, Picasso and many of the Spanish old masters are found here with impressive paintings and sculptures at every step. The renown Las Meninas by Diego Velasquez is displayed and a must see by all.

I could spend a lifetime here and never be bored. It holds a dear place in my heart with the highest respect and admiration.

Of course other museums are grand and marvelous and should also be well appreciated, but there is something special about the Prado that just needs to be experienced and cherished.

Of your travels, don't let this one slip you by. Madrid is a wonderful and beautiful city with many gems to show. Be sure to make Museo Del Prado one of them.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Pear And Its Delicious Appearances

So beautiful and so delicious, how many ways can it continue to marvel and delight? An absolute refreshing treat on its own, when brought to the dessert table it transforms to another beautiful demon. Poached pear is a favorite of mine, and when it can be prepared in multiple ways its even more delightful of a venture. From white and red wines to champagnes, touches of honey or vanilla, its absolutely up to you where you wish to take it.

Even the restaurants are more than happy to show their turn on it. Presentation is always a beautiful thing, and even more so when the textures and tastes meld perfectly as well. The crisp with the soft, the right amount of warmth and bite and fragrance- that is what it is all about.

Maybe this is more than I would do at home, but it certainly makes my mind move to new ideas of what I may do. When dining out, however, I will absolutely be more than happy to try such ventures.

Much like my other favorite fruits- wonderful by themselves and even more so when introduced to vodka, the pear is no exception. Funny how things work out like that. Who am I to argue, I much prefer to drink and observe.

With lime juice, pear vodka, or even pear nectar- this is truly a delight! If the sweetness turns you off- try a mix of pear vodka, disaronno armaretto, and maybe a splash of lime juice- absolute heaven. Like biting into a bosc pear, so delicious.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baked Fresh And Into Your Home

Are you taking advantage of your local scene? Boulangeries are quite commonly seen all throughout France, but what about in our own backyards. Many boutique French shops, especially patisseries, are often also working boulangeries. We do not have the many specific markets as in France, but we do have fresh products available to us.

The supermarket can get so dull sometimes, over processed foods and bland brand name after bland brand name. Start taking advantage of your local bakeries and be rewarded with warm freshly baked bread in your home. Its marvelous to enjoy and without the mess and fuss of making it yourself.

Sandwiches gain more life and flavor as do all your meals and snacks. There is nothing like the smell or warmth of freshly baked bread.

I remember as a child, my parents would take me with them to this little local French bakery and we would purchase fresh bread that would last for the week- every Sunday we would go. Its the small things that make differences in our lives, and food and memories go hand in hand.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Runway Glamorous Hair At Home

Hair styles should never be limited, and the runway is constantly revealing new and playful ideas. A classic French twist or chignon is always an elegant statement, but it doesn't have to stop there.

Take this look for example; some messy twists and braids collected into a bun in the back, then dressed up with some ribbons, bows, or headbands. I decided to do my own little twist with it this afternoon. It takes only a moment and adds a pretty touch to any outfit, no matter how simple.

A bright red ribbon to top off a twist of braids and my simple black dress has much added style for anything that my happen in my day.

Be creative and playful- have a little fun with some extra attention to yourself. You'll love the results, not to mention the mood in your day.

For some more ideas, here are a few other twists I have done in the past (and happily still will soon again). Bows, twists, braids, and ribbons- young and playful or sleek and elegant you decide. Its great especially when you are wearing a shoulder revealing dress or top, or maybe have a pretty collar on your shirt or jacket. Its the clean swept look that screams glamour and luxury.

As simple or glamorous as you want to make it; have a few pins ready and dress it as you please. Above all have fun and have style.

Yves Saint Laurent A Loving Memory And Admiration

An icon to forever be remembered and cherished among the highest names of couture, we say farewell to the master in his passing late Sunday evening in Paris.

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent; a child determined by desire and admiration and who became a legend in the fashion world admired and respected by all. With Christian Dior as his mentor, his designs rose to the highest levels truly representing the couture name and heart.

He forever set the trends for women of fashion everywhere, and was ready in a time when women were just receiving such freedoms. And unlike any other designer of his time, Yves Saint Laurent's designs held versatility and range. Never limiting himself to one key note style- he was constantly moving forward with brilliant ideas.

His retirement in 2002 to the couture world held quite the farewell, and now we say goodbye with much love and remembrance.

"To be beautiful, all a woman needs is a black pullover and a black skirt and to be arm in arm with a man she loves."

-Yves Saint Laurent

[original post date June 2, 2008]