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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vince Camuto Beauty In Shoes

It is pretty well known that my love of shoes is a grand love. I am always looking for something that has that classic yet playful twist that can be worn casually with that touch of sophisticated elegance.

Vince Camuto nearly always performs, and at a lovely price range as well (many at about or just under $150). My first pair from him I purchased years ago, with many raving reviews as I walked about town, and only wished I had purchased two. Everyone always would stop and demand to know where I had found them, and at the time it was quite difficult for me to find as it was.

The collection has grown and can quite commonly be found in most department stores. This particular pair pictured on top is the Veronica in Camel (though it also comes in gray/black). I adore the feeling of a new shoe.

On the right is another from Vince Camuto in a more Oxford Style though it has the playful peekaboo toe. Being sophisticated can still be playful, its not all cold, serious and hum drum.

Though the collection has a vast range, there are definitely a select few signature pieces that stand out and just looking to be known. What’s even more beautiful is the comfortable price tag of such a well designed and expensive looking shoe at a reasonable cost. It isn’t so cheap that you feel you are losing on value of quality, and not so expensive that you feel guilty for rewarding yourself with such a treat.

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