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Monday, July 21, 2008

Dark Knight Continues To Rise

Wow, wow. No spoilers are given if you are among those who have yet to see this gem. Be assured, you will not be dissapointed.

Dark, creepy and dirty the way I love it- no unnecessary dramas or cringing corny lines. Even the pictures I had seen prior to the film were new again when presented (context and watching things in action redefines them all and makes them so much more powerful).

As for the Joker, I could have not been more pleased with how Mr. Heath Ledger played the role- an absolute psychopathic killer and not the hum drum jester.

What appealed to me the most was how it was portrayed so real. The characters weren't fantastic superhero cartoons, moreover they were carried out and reacted to as actual people behaving out in society.

For the man of his society to become the joker or the batman is what you see, not the man in tights dancing about and calling out lines. The city's involvement and responses, too, further the reality of how such a spectacle would be applied to life. It is crime in the real sense, not of childish antics. The people's fear is real and treated as real in their situation.

Harvey Dent's character grows in the film, as any Batman Admirer would know or expect. Also not to disappoint I will leave my words of him there. Please note, you will not be disappointed here either.


Another viewing is in order for me, and I will also be seeing the film on IMAX. I am quite curious to see it from such a view. If you have yet to see it- WATCH IT though I am sure you certainly are; if you have already seen it, I would encourage you to watch it again, though you probably are.

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