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Monday, July 7, 2008

For The Love Of Shoes

Shoes for all occasions are one thing, but shoes that bring occasions are so much grander and fun. When was the last time you purchased a shoe that motivated you to create an event or occasion? Its may have been too long, and if not- who is to say there are not enough occasions to be made.

Bright and bold with playful and creative heels screamed this spring and summer. Worn correctly I think it could make for an easy progression into the winter. They are quite fun and eventful on their own.

Playful for the perfect cocktail with friends or that special soirée. Finding the outfit may be the tricky part, though whenever in doubt the simple sleek shaped dress (black or otherwise) compliments nicely. No need to be too complicated.

On the more every day side of things, I am liking the Michael Kors Bergen Shoe- its sleek, shiny, and sophisticated with that deadly charm. Its great from day into evening and is as casual or dressy as you wish to make it. Quite a statement piece and without ripping apart the budget. Its a lovely find for anyone.

Booties and Open Toe Shoes are also quite the rage and showing up in more and more places. Clean lined, corset laced, or open toed- not to mention all at once in some cases as seen here. Devilish and sexy it can be the subtle added allure to any outfit. I think we will continue to see these throughout the winter and enjoy including them in our wardrobe.

As a final note, I love to leave with Louboutin and see no reason why not to here. Simply magnifique as always.

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