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Monday, July 21, 2008

Classic And Timeless Or "IT" Accessories

The Kelly, Hermes did it well and so the name is forever spoken with an immediate reaction of fashion awe. Chanel's classic quilt design in its subtly and quality still brings a warm smile to my face. They are classics that will last a lifetime.

Zac Posen is constantly revealing beautiful and sophisticated designs that capture what we love of the past and bring it to a modern state with designs that reach us now. His Beatrice Bag pictured here is one I admire greatly. Its size shape and color are simple and beautiful to create a wonderful masterpiece.

When it comes closer to the it and now you see one of two things- either something comfortable and large with warm colors or something structured and bright with bold playful colors. Chloe's designs are very comforting and warm, I always think of billowing dresses and the care-free attitude. Its appeal is functional as well and is a trend that runs long into the future. Its perfect or spring and for anyone one the go with much to tote around.

Marc Jacobs has fun and playful pretty colors that I cannot help but love. With fun classic shapes to more modern structured designs. His purse here just makes you instantly feel pretty and makes me want to throw a tea party. I love it.

Almost everyone makes their statement piece- whether its the Motorcycle Balenciaga Bag, The Ivory Horn or Muse YSL Bag, or what have you- its about finding something that speaks to you that you will love, use, and enjoy.

Have as many as you like; some comfortable ones to change out depending on circumstances, but I think it is important for everyone to have at least one bag that just makes them beam. One that makes them feel grand no matter what the day brings. Its costs can be high and vary from bag to bag- but that's what makes it so grand, too. Have a success- achieve a goal and reward yourself. The bag will remind you of your success each time you wear it (and hopefully motivate you to do more of the same).

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