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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cafe Gourmet Luxury

I have spent the past few years living in Miami and began a habit of ordering cafe cubanos, cortaditos, and cafe con leches without so much the flinch of an eye. Having moved to Texas and wandering into the local coffee shop I suddenly find myself in a bind. My normal and what was quite quick and easy drink order has become an ordeal.

Cafe Cubanos are a special wonderful delight- raw sugar and espresso grounds are brewed together to create the strong sweet concoction that has just the right balance. Occasionally with some milk- as in the cortadito standard a 50/50 or 25/75 espresso to milk ratio, also a splendid delight. They are strong and just sweet enough, small in just the right amount. There is genuinely no turning back either, as those who have enjoyed them all too well know.

I have found myself ordering a "cafe cubano machiato" for those who know it, and even then its not quite right. If you are able to find it- you must have it. It is a strong burst that will get your day going and with that much needed spark. If at home, simply add the sugar to the coffee grounds and then brew the coffee through your espresso device. The key is having them brewed together. The stronger the better as far as I am concerned, Cafe Bustelo is quite popular and consistently nice. Add some evaporated steamed milk and you have a delicacy in the works. Don't let this pleasure pass you by.

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