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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Delicate & Delicious Cucumber Mint Tea Sandwiches

One of my personal favorites at the tea table has always been the refreshing and delightful cucumber mint tea sandwich. A girlfriend of mine and I used to escape once every two weeks or so to this glamorous restaurant for afternoon tea. The decor was beautiful and we usually had the place nearly to ourselves. They would present a three tiered tower with scones and cookies, miniature pastries, and a small variety of tea sandwiches. It was a simple and luxurious treat.

The beautiful thing is it can be done at home either as a snack on your own or as a delight to be shared with friends. Its quite simple and you can make them as glamorous and distinctive as you like.

The recipe is quite simple-cream cheese, chopped fresh mint leaves, chopped or sliced cucumbers, and bread cut to your liking. I like to butter one side of the bread as well and season the cucumbers with just a tiny bit of salt for that extra bite.

Cutting the crust and then cutting the sandwich into halves or quarters is most common- but do not limit yourself. If you have some cute cookie cutters use them for fun and delightful results. When entertaining it looks like your a pro with all the finesse- and it takes no time or effort on your part at all.

Children may like them as well- add your own variation to their liking of course, but the shapes make them look like cookies more than food.

Use dill or tarragon to change it up or create your own unique little sandwich. Make a fun name for your friends if you like, "Cucumber me for Tea" or something playful.

Or just maybe pour yourself a nice cup of tea, sit outside or by a window, relax and have a few bites to yourself.

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