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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lamb, Mint, And Burgers of Beauty

So I am a bit hungry for a light but distinctive lunch and I remember I have some mint left over from my cucumber mint sandwiches. Instantly lamb comes to mind.

The grocery had ground lamb which looked lovely and I simply couldn't pass it up. I love its flavor and when prepared with mint it is the perfect compliment. Now, when I prepare my burgers I like to mince some fresh garlic and mix it into the meat- that way when it cooks the flavor is bursting in every bite- YUM. Combine chopped mint leaves in the mix and you are talking heaven.

Seasoned with some coarse salt and pepper and they are ready to go. Sear it in some browned butter or put it on the grill- it is to your liking and so simple to prepare and do.

Not into the lamb but like the burger idea? Make it Au Poivre and coat the sides in peppercorn. It gives it texture and a zap of great taste- simple ingredients always reveal themselves as their best in the results.

Burgers need not be boring. Either with minced garlic in the mix or on its own. What I like to do is have some goat cheese (or sometimes blue cheese) in the center of my burger before placing it on the grill or in the pan. The cheese melts but stays inside promising every bite to be a grand one.

Play with the bun and mix the toppings as much as you like. Caramelized onions are always a great choice as is a kaiser bun. But that's just me.

Make them small and bite sized or large and rich. Above all- make them your own and make them delicious.

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