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Pretty And Fabulous
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Glamorous & Short And Getting Shorter

Sexy, casual, dressy, playful, or elegant, shorts are no longer just for the sporty. With lengths only getting shorter, they have managed to keep their appeal fresh and sophisticated.

I've grown quite fond of them living where it is constantly hot, and love the versatility of them. Nice shorts with a glamorously simple silk top and I can easily work my way from day to evening. Great for lunch and great for the early cocktail hours.

The shorts themselves have so many variations from the very high to very low waist, big buckle belts or none at all. Material options go even deeper and can further enhance th elegance or playfulness you are going for.

Embrace them and renew them- there is no reason for them to be a boring afterthought.

Above all, they are comfortable and easy. Being beautiful has never been so simple.

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