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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Runway Glamorous Hair At Home

Hair styles should never be limited, and the runway is constantly revealing new and playful ideas. A classic French twist or chignon is always an elegant statement, but it doesn't have to stop there.

Take this look for example; some messy twists and braids collected into a bun in the back, then dressed up with some ribbons, bows, or headbands. I decided to do my own little twist with it this afternoon. It takes only a moment and adds a pretty touch to any outfit, no matter how simple.

A bright red ribbon to top off a twist of braids and my simple black dress has much added style for anything that my happen in my day.

Be creative and playful- have a little fun with some extra attention to yourself. You'll love the results, not to mention the mood in your day.

For some more ideas, here are a few other twists I have done in the past (and happily still will soon again). Bows, twists, braids, and ribbons- young and playful or sleek and elegant you decide. Its great especially when you are wearing a shoulder revealing dress or top, or maybe have a pretty collar on your shirt or jacket. Its the clean swept look that screams glamour and luxury.

As simple or glamorous as you want to make it; have a few pins ready and dress it as you please. Above all have fun and have style.

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