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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Instinct, Samsung's Newest Beauty

Adore it, adore it, adore it. I was anxious for the phone to arrive and now that it has- it is grander than I imagined or could have hoped for.

I’ve been playing with it now for a few days (since the Thursday just before it was released), and am simply delighted with the Instinct. It works quickly and smoothly, very easy to handle and adjustable touch sensitivity settings. The GPS works so wonderfully that I returned my tomtom device- I truly think something was wrong with at least the one I had purchased. The instinct’s GPS does everything I need it to, and as an added bonus speaks the street names to you.

Internet is great, not to mention much faster than the edge network. Sprint always has had the fastest network, and it is nice to see it in well use. It notifies me of my emails along with my missed calls and other messages. The controls are simple and make it easier to navigate throughout the screen.

Now, on mine I have added a pink rubber cover for protection and for a bit of a better grip. The phone itself is very slender and a comfortable size. In my home, our black granite counter tops and nearly black wood furniture make for a quick disappearing act for any blending object- so for me it serves an extra purpose. The phone does actually comes with a black leather case which is fitted nicely and easy to use.

One of the nicest features is quite understated though: visual voicemail. What that means is you can see who called, choose what order you wish to listen to your messages- skip some entirely, pause, rewind and fast forward, or save it for later use. All done simply by the touch of the screen.

Now, it is not a smart phone so the techies may complain a bit, but its not for them. Its for everyone and its fun and functional. I am finding it to be just the luxury item I needed- not to mention making everything simpler and more enjoyable as well.

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