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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Pear And Its Delicious Appearances

So beautiful and so delicious, how many ways can it continue to marvel and delight? An absolute refreshing treat on its own, when brought to the dessert table it transforms to another beautiful demon. Poached pear is a favorite of mine, and when it can be prepared in multiple ways its even more delightful of a venture. From white and red wines to champagnes, touches of honey or vanilla, its absolutely up to you where you wish to take it.

Even the restaurants are more than happy to show their turn on it. Presentation is always a beautiful thing, and even more so when the textures and tastes meld perfectly as well. The crisp with the soft, the right amount of warmth and bite and fragrance- that is what it is all about.

Maybe this is more than I would do at home, but it certainly makes my mind move to new ideas of what I may do. When dining out, however, I will absolutely be more than happy to try such ventures.

Much like my other favorite fruits- wonderful by themselves and even more so when introduced to vodka, the pear is no exception. Funny how things work out like that. Who am I to argue, I much prefer to drink and observe.

With lime juice, pear vodka, or even pear nectar- this is truly a delight! If the sweetness turns you off- try a mix of pear vodka, disaronno armaretto, and maybe a splash of lime juice- absolute heaven. Like biting into a bosc pear, so delicious.

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