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Friday, August 1, 2008

Beauty In The Mud

When it comes to luxury and gorgeous skin, I find when a little pampering at home is involved- it is truly never a bad thing. Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face and Body is just the thing. Now, I've been using this particular product for years and have enjoyed the many rewards. Its not just the nutrients and cleansing that I love though- its the feeling experienced from usage. What I mean is taking the time to just relax and take care of the little details and melt away any horrors or stresses of the day.

There is something magical for me when I have relaxed with the mask (if only for a few moments) and then remove it with a wet towel or sponge- Instant Reviving my skin and my mood. It is like starting over every time- that feeling of ultra clean and something of royalty. Its beautiful.

About once every two weeks for my face has become my routine, and as I said previously for many years now with much reward. My skin is healthy, radiant, and glowing. Very nice save for the mornings when I must get up and go on an unexpected dash-little to no make up looks fine. More so, I feel great and that is really what counts.

Once a month or so I like to take a leisurely bath and reward the rest of my body with a little mud mask. There's nothing like taking the time for yourself and for your skin.

The best part is your skin thanks you the rest of your week with a radiant healthy glow.

Do be warned though, a first time use can be a bit tingly as its rids of all the junk buried deep beneath. Afterwards you are great to go though and the experience can be much more enjoyed. Results are pretty instant but continued use for maintaining is recommended.

Never over do it, as with any product. Your skin needs time to create more dead cells and 'trash' for you to take away, if its done too often you may be taking more good than bad- after all you want to keep your skin in tact!

Balance is key. Drink plenty of water to rid the toxins and nourish the skin within.

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