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Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh Michael, I'm All Lolita Again

I love Michael Kors and his shoes are no exception. Sophisticated, elegant, and incredibly sexy- they are a must for any one. My collection grows and yet this shoe keeps calling out above the others and making itself known.

The Lolita; true it is a classic black pump- but it is so much more. The subtle and simple details (from the ever so slightly ruffled front to the bow and ribbon in the back) make it adorable, flirty, sexy, and a Bombshell Beauty shoe.

Its very cute and perfect for the transition from summer to fall; the peek-a-boo toe is a must as is. It comes in other shades as well, and the brown is quite tempting to me. This is going to be a shoe I will need to purchase a second pair of- in the same color if not multiple pairs in both colors. No matter how many new shoes I find, I cannot keep myself from bringing this one out again and again.

I am loving this shoe- and surprisingly enough, soooo comfortable- honest! That alone is worth it, but I think its cuteness speaks loudly for it.

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