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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Twenty Bottles By Two People In Less Than 15 Minutes

Oh you heard it correctly; last night my Fiance and I stumbled into quite the surprise- no to mention unimaginable find.

We actually went to the grocery for a bottle of wine (we had plans to meet with some friends for a drink later that evening). Little did we know at that very moment they were setting up a wine closeout like never before. I like this particular grocery for their selection- their wine steward has an excellent taste and presents a fine selection that competes with shops many times their size. Wow, oh my head this closeout.

Bottles were marked down at half price, and then marked down an additional half price. We purchased three bottles of Conundrum ($30.00) for only $9.00 a bottle. I love to try new wines and this is definitely the opportunity and way to do it.

Some we knew we liked (such as the Kim Crawford, Conundrum, and Groth) and others we knew we liked other varietals from their vineyards and were curious to try others by them- and with these prices it was impossible to pass up. There were some great French wines I have been curious to try as well that were included in the close out, a white Bordeaux among them. Pinot Noir is a favorite of ours and so we purchased some new selections to taste as well.

Oh, here's a kicker.. when you purchase six bottles (even with the close out) you receive an additional 10% off. Even more enticing to purchase more wine.

The Wine Steward was of great assistance, too- she liked many of the same wines we did and gave us some great recommendations of what to try next. There is so much here I am not quite sure where to start!

Needless to say, there will be some tasting notes posted as I do.

We bought a couple doubles (one bottle is being chilled and not pictured)

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