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Friday, August 1, 2008

Meow, Nails That Roar and Purr

Inspired by the Louboutin Manicure, I am not patient enough to simply wait for my nails to grow. (Nor do I wish to have acrylics at the moment).

So I decided to dabble a bit with some colors and created a design to fit my playfulness- and I am quite delighted with my results.

A clear coat to begin- a few rather large dots of a tan or copper coating, and then finished off with some well placed black dots: you have leopard print nails that roar. Kitten has been a long time nickname of mine, and so it is only appropriate to make the move.

I love it, and its really rather simple (this is my first attempt and I think it came out rather well, especially as that is my right hand pictured just above). I played around a bit with the tan and copper- I think I like the copper better as it stands out more.

The nude underneath makes it more subtle I think. Another great option would be to put a brilliant red shade as the first coat and then the spots on top of it.

A white base would be fun too- or perhaps keep the clear base and make the tan/copper spots white spots instead- for that snowy look.

Even a royal blue may be a fun base for the daring and playful, for the special occasion of course. It will look great with a cocktail, not to mention those fun cocktail rings.

I think next time I may even add a pink flirtatious flair and have pale pink spots surrounded by the little black ones.

I will have to explore the rest of the animal kingdom as well- there have been a few giraffe print shoes and handbags I have been eying and I think matching it to the nails is just the thing.

So have a little fun and expand it to your liking- or keep it simple and see the attention you receive.

Here's to pretty nails.


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