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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fashion Day Wear Cute Find

I am doing my normal day to day TARGET shopping when something catches my eye. TARGET has a tendency to get a good response from me, but quite unusually I am finding it to be more and more in their clothing department.

Their designs have rapidly grown and improved through the years, and now stand up to anyone else. With new designers and spotlight designers they are doing wonderfully.

I've found some exceptionally fun pieces from the GO International Collections and will continue to look for more. Here is a top I just purchased and adore- the design is great with subtle twists on classic features. Slightly sheer- but not enough to cause any trouble, and decorated with well placed large buttons.

I like the sewn in belt, too- its a nice feature that really makes the top stand out. Casual yet sophisticated, it stands alone great or could compliment anything form simple to funky jewelry. I have some safari styled jewelry pieces I think would work the outfit great.

I like to wear my hair to the side on this one, in a neat little side swept braid. Simple and cute, and it doesn't hide the collar which would otherwise be lost in all of my hair.

Yes, I think I will continue to peruse the TARGET clothing section much more often, as well as the designers they are attracting. Richard Chai has gotten my attention most recently. Definitely a name to know and follow. More on that latter.

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