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Pretty And Fabulous
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Glamorous New Looking Dress Sleeves

I love it when a simple dress has just one distinct creative uniqueness that redefines the whole look. That is exactly what this dress is.

The sleeves are sequined and slightly puffed- then tighter around the arm- except unlike traditional puffed sleeves this one has revealing cut outs that are incredibly glamorous.

Everything else about the dress is subtle and simple- complimenting the sleeve design perfectly. It has the popping wow factor while flawlessly transitioning into sophistication.

I found it in this little Japanese Boutique called "Nonno" where the offer only two or three of each dress at the most. All clothing items are uniquely one of a kind- such a treasure, so long as you are there before it is gone. I'll show you more unbelievably fun designs from them soon, too.

As for this particular dress- it has inspired me to find more of the same. Maybe not all in dress formats- how cute would a puffed open sleeve be on a white cashmere top (maybe some silver or gold jewel embelishment) and with khaki shorts?

Or any other style of garment for that matter. I want to see more of it. This is a trend I can really enjoy.

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