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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Christian Dior, My Love- Thank You!

When I think of my style I describe myself as "Classic with a Modern Twist," I am quite traditional and yet at the same time adore the playful (and at times limit pushing) creations from the new designers.

Looking through the Fall 2008 Christian Dior Collection, I feel very at home with a warm and happy heart. I love it, it is simply beautiful and exactly what I love in fashion. It is everything I love of the past created NOW. Feminine, sophisticated, soft and daring at the same time... the colors are exquisite and the hats/scarves just complete the look perfectly. The silhouette is something I strive for in my outfits, I love to play with volume and keep the cinched waist at the same time. I love my legs and so I love the length of the garments with the sheer touch- covered but still flirts and reveals. Its dainty, rich, and bold all together.

Another thing I strive for is the matching shoes- I have a vast collection and am quite proud when I am able to find a shoe that matches my dress exactly. It can be an expensive habit, and when in doubt silver works beautifully with pastels- but color is so brilliantly delightful.

For the entire collection, will have it available for you. It is definitely worth a look- if only for inspiration.

For too long it seems that to be daring is to dress masculine- so much so that now to be daring is to dress ultra (or even slightly) feminine and bring back the pearls, the gloves, the hats, the scarves, and all the other little things. I know I will be.

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