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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hello Kitty Is Watching You >(^..^)<

That's right- she has her eyes on you.. or Rather, she's on your eyes. Hmm.. I don't know about this one, I am going to have to pass and say: No.

Hello Kitty is everywhere, and I am okay in small doses- very small doses where it is unique in its surrounding (and not the actual surrounding itself).

The adorable kitty has its place with accessories and small children. The occasional piece of stationery, charm, or jewelry item in fashion I am also quite fine with and admit some involvement, myself. But when I do it is subtle and in good taste (as would any other character of such style would be).

Toasters, Ovens, Televisions, Cell Phones, and everything you can imagine- is too much for me. Its not special anymore- its overdone and abused in that state.

The contacts are a bit creepy- and unfortunately for the wearer no one can tell what it is. Only someone gazing into your eyes for a long enough period of time "might" recognize it- and let's hope you don't wish this of the common stranger you pass by. Ick on all accounts.

Hello Kitty isn't completely dead. There are still the occasional cute surprises. I'm all for this adorable contact case (and its mostly just for you, not the public eye which I like even better). It is subtle and cute and great for travel. Easy to tell which case is yours when with others, too.

Let's keep the volume down with this craze, or it will lose its value completely if it hasn't already. It still has a place with me, but I must admit it has diminished from what it once was. I've always preferred chococat and the others anyway.

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