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Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Glamorous Beauty Of Belle Glos

Belle Glos and Pinot Noir are synonymous with delicious and glamor. You know you are in great hands and know the wine will be grand. The Taylor Lane Vineyard Pinot Noir is among the best in their collection.

Pretty much, when you see the wax dipped bottle- buy it. Don't even look, just take it home and enjoy it for you are certain to have found a treasure.

Normally this dark burgundy color is what you should seek- and do seek it, but keep in mind the Pinot Noir Blanc Rose with its bright and pink wax color.

If for some strange reason you have yet to seek that one, you are truly missing out. And don't let false snobbery get in the way if you drink "only red wines" or whatever it might be- there is something to be captured and admired in all wines. It is just a matter of finding the right ones. Don't let one bad experience spoil a complete varietal for you. Would you do the same with food? I certainly hope not.

This Pinot Noir is everything of its namesake, and a tasting and experience will do far better than words would describe, and I will let you see for yourself. And let me know, too- I love to hear a response.

So Remember- the wax dipped bottle from Belle Glos is guaranteed to be a delight every time. A votre sante.

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