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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bold, Red, And Feeling Lucky With A Bow

I always thought I was an ox, and it was only recently I found out I am a rat. Being a Capricorn, my birthday is in January- which is the beginning of our year. Whenever I look at the Chinese fortunes, they are determined from year of birth. Naturally I always looked at it with my birth year in mind, the one designated by our calendar. It never occurred to me to look at it with the Chinese Calendar in mind. Obvious, I know now- since their year begins in February- that makes my birth year the previous one, and thus I am a rat.

Anyway, we are currently in the year of the Rat, which is what brings me to this post. Wearing a red ribbon (traditionally around the waist, wrist, or ankle) during your Animal year (which cycles every 12 years) brings you luck. As I am now aware that it is currently my year, I thought it nice to incorporate it into my fashion.

I tend to do so with a big and bright red ribbon around my wrist or as a belt around my waste (outfit allowing of course). The ribbon I have been using is a very distinct red, and when I found this cute top that matches it EXACTLY I couldn't pass it up. Even the material has the same sheen to it. A lucky find, indeed. I'm wearing the ribbon in my hair in the photo (don't think it has the same effect for luck there, but I still do quite like it, and it keeps my mind on a positive outlook).

It is such a rich color and I am loving it. I tend to wear only black with this top, as it is so bold and bright any other colors would be competing. I like just one thing to stand out, and in this one it is definitely the color (though the back is a nice touch, too).

Alright Rats, may the year bring you much luck and happiness! xx

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