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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Haute Hair Luxury And Lavish Accessories

Hmm, this is one I have lost track on until just recently again. While searching for a specific item in one of my jewelry boxes I came across some of my old hair charms and accessories, and thought to myself- when was the last time I wore these?

Now, it was not that long ago.. but a while enough for me to consider bringing it back and playing around with it once again. I am not talking about headbands or bows, but rather the clips, charms, and little designs one can tie into their hair style, whether it is up or down.

It's so simple and adds such a nice and cute little touch, I think. Walking down the hair accessory isle of any shop is like being a child in a candy store- so many colors and variations to choose from.

And why not? Its all in good fun, and it isn't as though you need to wear a ton of them, even just one speaks volumes.

So let me know what you think- I think it can be a great addition into the fall. Sleek, elegantly swept hair with little sparkles of accessories to catch the eye. Definitely dresses up the little black dress and can be worn in so many different ways.

I will be playing around with it again a bit more and post some updates on the matter.

On another note I came across something else in my closet that needs to and will be returning once more- think vintage, think hats- more on it later, loves!

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