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Friday, August 8, 2008

Little Bunny Fashion Find

Bunnies and kitties and puppies are delightfully cute, and speak volumes to my inner child. So when I came across this little find, I couldn't resist the chance to indulge.

It is a sweater dress that is incredibly cute and cozy. The hood has little ears attached that flop on the side-when I purchased it, it was said to be a bunny, however my friends and I argue whether it looks more lie a bunny or a puppy. Either way I am pleased with it, but I like the idea of a bunny a little better.

Anyway, I think it is fun without being too childish or what have you. Its rather subtle at first, too, since if you are not wearing the hood the ears just dangle on the back. The only clue is the little bunny/puppy cloth pin on the front pocket. You can move it wherever you like, but I think it is cute there.

I wore it out to the Grand Canyon a little while back, mind you it was unexpectedly cooler than I was prepared for, and though it is a "sweater" it is not the warmest for this cool of weather.

Being on vacation means a limited wardrobe, and so a quick trip to an inexpensive shop and thus you have the strange mix of tights and scarf (haha).

That strangeness aside- you can get a better idea of the dress. I'll be looking for more of the same, maybe a kitty next time?

Let me know if you see one before I do.

Much love, xx!

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