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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lovely Little Bites Of Yumminess

Alright, So I have been out of town over the weekend and naturally somehow everything in the fridge has either vanished or is on its last breath. I'm hungry and it is pouring rain outside- I'm stuck with what I have for now.

Some things have not even been in there that long- honestly it seems to happen every time we travel no matter how short or long the time. Oh well, this trip was a bit of a late notice so we did not have much time to prepare the house before leaving. Normally I time out the food to run out just in time- that way I can purchase fresh new groceries upon returning without any waste.

Okay, As I have no intention of hauling groceries in the pouring rain... I need a snack to keep me happy in the meantime. My options which are left in the house are:

About a pound of gruyere cheese, Some (not a lot of) spinach, garlic, butter, and some cherries that may have a little life in them yet- we will see. Also, there is the tiniest bit of goat cheese left.

In the pantry there isn't much, only thing I could really recover or use is a box of the Honey Butter Ritz Crackers (pretty yummy actually, they'll do in a pinch any day).

Well, cheese and crackers are lovely on their own, but I need a bit more than that right now. I sautéed what was left of the spinach with the garlic and butter. A piece of Gruyere cheese and spoon of spinach on a cracker and it turns out to be quite the lovely treat! I repeat the process for as many as I am able to make and I must say I am quite satisfied for the moment. It will make the grocery visit a much smoother one.

What a lovely surprise- it is something I will actually repeat even when fully stocked with food. It doesn't really need anything else to it, and the presentation is simple and quite nice.

Hmm.. those cherries are tempting, may go quite pretty with the goat cheese. The honey butter Ritz cracker tends to be a bit sweeter and would compliment it well. We'll see how daring I am feeling. If anything, I'll get some more once the rain lets up.

Here's to more funny and delicious unexpected finds!

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