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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Syrah So In Love

SO-Normally I wait and finish my glass (or bottle as it often goes) until I begin my post, but this is simply too delightful for patience.

Brian Benson has certainly impressed me and gained a far new respect-this by far is the best Syrah I have tasted, and am anxious to retrieve more of it.

It all started with my fiance and his curiosity to woot and woot wine (of all places). Wow, am I ever pleased and delighted with this find. This particular purchase offered a vertical tasting of a 2004 and a 2005, which if you have read my 'Vintage Beautiful Vintage' entry you know it is something I look for. As much as I enjoyed the 2004- and I assure you I most certainly did, the 2005 bottle has vanished faster than any bottle in our household, and believe you me that is saying something.

It is everything I love in a wine and look for in a Syrah. When a dear friend of ours who has worked harvests from South Africa to California alerted us of the beauty of this wine we knew we were in great hands. He informed us that the Denner vineyards produced the best grapes for Syrah and Brian Benson Cellars truely cared for their wines.

He must, too, beginning at such a young age he is certainly in the right place. He began his training at his Grandfather's vineyard and later his Father's winery- he learned about the process of wine making before completing elementary school.

This is a beauty to be enjoyed by all and I encourage you to look into a bottle for yourself if not your friends as well. will give you more about it, and at the age of 25 he is certainly making an impression in the wine industry. Have a taste and delight for yourself- I certainly am and will continue to do so.

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