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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kostritzer, Mmm I like my beer like my coffee: BLACK

I am quite particular when it comes to my beers, though I often find myself rewarded for it. By far, Black lager is a favorite of mine. Kostritzer is everything I love in a black lager in one convenient and pretty bottle.

Don't think me a snob- I will try any beer at least once (usually a sip of another person's so I am not dedicated to it) and am open to other styles. Belgium ales are consistent choice for me as I love my Blue Label Chimay. The Trappists know what they are doing. But that is another entry altogether. More on that one later.

Ooh, the Kostritzer though! Look how lovely it looks on its own- so delicious.


For its rich and dark appearance, it has a surprisingly light and clean finish (nothing like a loaf of bread others may offer). It has a delicious malty texture to it as well, but again quite surprisingly light in body. It certainly has body, don't be misinformed- it is such a nice balance.

This is a special treat for me, as I have only been able to find it at this restaurant we go to in Sarasota when we visit my fiance's father. It makes it that much more of a treat to enjoy it in great company.

If you see this one around let me know and try it for yourself. Even if you *think* it may not be your thing, it is always worth a taste to see for sure. Who knows, it could be your new favorite, too!

Much love and divine tastes, xx

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