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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Snowy Nails That Purr, Too

This kitty is always purring; its the fashion love that keeps me going. Okay, so last time I did this look on a natural base coat. This time I decided to explore a little further on it with a snow leopard as my muse.

I used a a rather subtle base coat, close to a taupe and just shades darker than my skin tone (enough for it to be noticed, but not so much that it took over).

A few selected white spots and a touch of black- ready to go again; quite simple and delightfully playful.

I accidentally made some of the black spots a bit bigger on my right hand (bound to happen) but looking at it I think I rather like it better. From a distance it pops more.

Fine by me, I am not about to argue such an accident !

This look would work with the white as a base, too- but that would be more like the original only with a bit more pop. This one I wanted to do a bit differently but still keep in theme.

My nails are getting a bit longer-I painted the backs (what little is there) with some red but its hardly noticeable and just not ready yet.

Ah well, another time then. So in between these trials was another version/variation I attempted and really enjoyed as well. A bit more sultry.

Take a look.

Sooo much fun, yay. I like the gold with this dark burgundy as well, I think they go lovely together.

Alright, that's all for this look. Ha, hah, oddly enough as I write this to you one of my kitties is just having at his little leopard toy ball. So appropriate. Ciao, loves.

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