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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Make Me Up In Golden Beauty

I am feeling a bit gold today, it is such a radiant and rich look. Doesn't take too much which is nice- subtle touches of the right hues in the right places is all.

I had been in a lingerie fashion show where the theme was wild animals. I was assigned the leopard (much to my pleasing) and simply loved the make up Morgan, the make up artist, had created.

Above and beside are photos of her work (it was a late show and some champagne and enjoying the evening afterwards makes one a bit tired- even so I think the make up held up quite alright).

Anyway, remembering this look, I allowed it to inspire one of my own. Though the side bronze is quite beautiful and great for show- it is a bit much for day to day.

So Instead I thought to make it softer with some bronzed gold coloring just covering the lids and underlining below. Gives it a bit of a bold pop- but then a soft finish so it works for the day.

For the lips I used a favorite of mine- a gold lipstick that is slightly sheer and more than anything gives a complimenting golden shimmer to the natural lip color. The make-up I use is Guerlain, they have some wonderful bronzes and golds that work beautifully together.

I love a little gold indulgence. Much love.

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