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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yes, I Know My Sunglasses Are Big, Thank You

Why, yes... I did know my sunglasses are bigger than my head- thank you! Some people are such comedians. I actually do get asked that from time to time- if I am aware of the size of my sunglasses to the ratio of my head. And I do.

I love Oliver Peoples, of all my sunglasses I cannot help but keep coming back to these. Such a classic style with a modern twist- the thing I look for most in fashion.

I will be wearing these for quite some time as well. Less a trend and more a classic. It is funny how things blow up overnight. I'll never forget shopping in Cannes for the biggest watch I could find- and covered in crystals at that. Something I concocted in my mind and had to have. It was impossible to find, and once I discovered it I was ever so pleased with it. Then- some time after returning to the states- it was everywhere and all that *could* be found. Made it a bit less desirable and more of a trend. I still had my fun with it though. The sunglasses blew up quite the same way.

Oh well, more options and designs, no? I am always great with that. It is all in how you wear it anyway. This year I am feeling more traditional classic designs in bold new colors. Whether or not its the next thing to blow up, I will be looking for it. More to come.

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