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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Seafood Dreams Of Bouillabaisse Travels

Food and travel- of all the things I have had there is one dish that has always stood out to me, a single dish I could have each day and never tire of. Quite simply- it is bouillabaisse. Seafood stew or soup if you prefer, another gem originating from Provence.

Returning home it is always the meal I miss. The freshest of seafoods best- mussels, clams, oysters, calamari, some wine and seasoning in a saffron broth- its velvety and just right. Nothing is overpowering, its not overfilling, and everything compliments each other so well. Absolutely satisfying- add a little bread and you are complete.

I'll never forget my first trip to Madrid- sitting outside a cafe with a bowl of bouillabaisse and sangria- pure absolute heaven. I knew everything would go well from that point on.

Just the other night I had the luxury of finding a local restaurant which had just opened up to have a dish they called Mariscada on their menu. In their broth, they added coconut milk- sounds odd, but it worked beautifully and the taste was subtle if noticeable at all. It mostly added to the texture to make the dish complete. No wine, but it was a version I definitely appreciated. It was wonderful.

And it is becoming quite popular- by as many names as you can imagine even. The trend has been spreading and is starting to get noticed.

When it comes to seafood fresh is very important to me, and that being so I am not inclined to order seafood when away from the sea. If you can find a place that catches their own, you are normally in wonderful hands. I like to have a good relationship with the chefs of the restaurants I dine in. They keep you informed and are more than happy to take care of you as well as their cuisine.

So as you travel across the globe, or even when you return home- keep an eye for the seafood stews and local selections. Finding one you like best is only part of the fun.

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