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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All The Little Of The Fashion Lot

Accessories make the fashion world go round- not to mention the key statement pieces whose statements speak loud and bold. As for me, they are pieces that will always be in- the ones with the pure classic element to them. Then of course there are the now of the moment daring pieces that are simply fun and pretty to look at as much as they are to wear.

The Hermes Kelly bag will always have a place in my eyes, and I am quite fond of the inspired watch created in its namesake. Still classic with definite lines of elegance, it is a beautiful piece.

If the price seems more than comfortable now- take in inspiration to find that feel of beauty. No copies, there's no love in them. Something that speaks that same statement to you.

Though not everyone may agree with me- but love it or hate it, the Balenciaga Boot Shoe is taking notice. I love it, there is something about it I find absolutely beautiful and somehow elegant. Its daring and playful- exactly the right balance of pushing the line but staying within it. Whatever your statement shoe is- find it, wear it, own it- no matter what people say. If you love it then love it. They will come to love it too- more so love you.

Balenciaga's cuff bracelet above has that industrial yet incredibly elegant feel about it, too.

The Fendi B-Buckle belt is a statement piece noticed and appreciated as much as it is from afar and up close. Bold lines of elegance. Belts are wonderful- make them skinny, make them big, make them colorful or make them neutral-pretty little decorative buckle and you are set. Even a ribbon can come in as a cute and creative alternative. Just take a look at Oscar De La Renta's creation below.

Find a look, find a statement, change it up or keep it classic- but by all means love it.

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